My Favorite Sexy Selfies and NSFW Pics of 2016!

Putting this quick post together because I was feeling inspired by the positive self-talk on display in Kate Sloan’s “7 Bangin’ Selfies” post; as part of her annual 12 Days of Girly Juice feature.  This year was pretty revolutionary for me in terms of becoming more body positive and sex positive toward myself, especially considering how intense social stigmatization and transphobia really influenced my dysphoria and general depression over these past 12-months. There were some really tough spots following experiences of public harassment, from the group of teens following me around Walmart laughing and taking photos of me, to the dude who cornered me outside my bank and told me to get out of town “or else”, or the bros who called me a tranny and threw a bottle at me from their car.

But I’m hot as fuck. So, here are 10-ish of my favorite sexy selfies, and NSFW pics taken by my partner, from 2016!

NOTE: There are super NSFW pics of my fully exposed girl cock below.


#1 – Very rarely do I take full body selfies in my underwear, but I was pretty determined to get one of me that I liked. With a long mirror and selfie stick in hand, I ultimately spent nearly 3 hours snapping countless pics because my negative self-talk kept me feeling that they were all ugly. That I was ugly. But there came a breakthrough moment near the end when I was staring at myself in the mirror and I began thinking of all the complementary things that my partner, and others, have said about my body… and I started to see that too! These were the final two pictures that I took that evening, and I look fucking amazing!


#2 – Okay, so the last one and this one are kinda cheating because they are technically two pictures cut & pasted side-by-side, but this is my post so whatever! These were actually taken for a post on my original WordPress blog on coming out of the closet, sex, and having sex in closets; all framed by my first sexual experiences with my childhood friend while growing up. I absolutely LOVED how my figure and ass looked in these, and the rainbow flag right in front of me really pulls it all together, I think. That booty though…


#3 – “Wait, Nillin! This one isn’t a ‘sexy’ pic!” Uhhhh, YES it is! This was the first time EVER that I left my house in a crop top. I didn’t stay outside for long, maybe 20 minutes, and we didn’t walk too far away from home but I’m proud of myself for facing my fears and doing it. If you want to wear a crop top, do it! You don’t need to have a specific weight or “body type” to “pull it off”. You don’t need to be femme or “passing”. Anyone can wear crop tops and look banging!

Also, check out the epic moose knuckle my girl cock is making. You’re welcome, readers!


#4 – If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ve seen this one a few times and you know exactly why it made this list. I mean, come on. I would tap that ass, and it’s mine. Unnfff!


#5 – The quality may not be the best but I REALLY love how my bra and tits look in these. Plus the cute hair and playful gaze? Hells yea, my sexy-selfie game was on point here!


#6 – “Wait, Nillin! This one isn’t a sexy or nude pic either!!!” Well, that’s just, like, your opinion, dude. Cause this pic of my partner and I is next level sexy as far as I’m concerned. It’s actually one of the first selfies we took together for 2016 and I love how cute and hella queer we look together. Love you, hun!


#7 – One of the biggest things I tried to do with pics of my girl cock this year was to feminize it. What’s so wrong with wanting my cock to be pretty?? NOTHIN’! That’s what. So, whether it be from wearing some nail polish, wrapping it in a cute bow, or just giving a peek of my penis from under a lacy dress, I wanted my girl cock pics to be more than some lazy close-up of a penis. Here were some of my faves, just snapped in the tub while I was taking a soak. I love the subtle gender-fuckery going on with the shaved legs and painted nails framing my penis.



#8 – Second favorite girl cock pic of the year goes to this double set. I love taking “dick pics” where I’m just lifting skirts and dresses to tease and expose myself. It feels fun and flirty and subversive all at once. These two just turned out so damn great. I love the colors of my pink panties and green skirt. I love the way my erection looks in those panties with the little black bow on the waistband. They’re just so damn queer and that’s honestly what I strive for when taking naughty selfies!


#9 – These are actually from this past Sunday! I got a new tail, ears, and collar set so my partner took some hot POV photos of my partner pulling my hair and playing with my ass. We were pretty stoked with how these turned out. After a bunch of teasing photos they took a few shots of me playing with myself then instructed me to cum in front of them like a good, obedient little pet. I was fucking hot! LOL

Now we have a whole bunch of ideas on how to take this POV style sexy shoot to the next level with more pet play.

Did you take many sexy selfies or nudes this year?

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Panty Shopping Tips for People With a Penis Who Don’t Tuck

Personally, I refuse to tuck. Like, ever.  It’s uncomfortable, it’s hot, feels terrible, makes my balls sweaty and tender, and it’s awful and I hate it.

But I’m not even dysphoric about my girl cock in the first place. In fact, I love my girl cock. I WORSHIP my girl cock and it will stay with me even after I start HRT, grow my own tits, and see my booty pop! Why? Because I don’t need to get rid of it to validate my gender. My gender already is valid, and I also love my girl cock.

Whether you identify as trans, genderqueer, a crossdresser, cis, whatever, if you have a penis and want to wear panties without tucking then here are a few quick tips for how to shop for a comfy pair:


Familiarize Yourself With the Cuts, Fits, and Fabrics

Fact: there are a LOT of panty types out there. Not just a couple. A lot. Way more that you would think are necessary and each type further differs in fabric and style from retailer to retailer. This gets really frustrating when you find a type that you really like… only to find that not all brands even make those panties the same way. Uuuuuuuugggggghhhh-


annoyed eye roll krysten ritter apt 23 don't trust the b in apt 23

Anyway, so, what exactly is there for panty styles? Well, there are boyshorts, hiphuggers, cheekys, bikinis, thongs, high-cuts, high-waists, tangas, hipster fits, classic briefs, control briefs, a bajillion types of “strings” and so on and so forth.

Ultimately, everybody’s body is different so what fits my hips, waist, and girl cock may or may not fit yours. And while one brand of boyshorts or hipsters may feel like the bomb, another brand may be just completely and utterly wrong once you put them on.

Take this page of boyshort panties from Pennington’s with like 3 or 4 distinctly different styles of boyshorts going on, some of which just look like high cuts and hipsters. Seriously. That’s fucking exhausting.

Best thing to do is find a bin of cheap panties, pick up some box store budget packs, or hit something like those perpetual 3-for-$15 sale walls at Ardenes, and try a bunch out until you find the right fit and fabric for you. Awareness of the cuts, fits, and fabrics out there is key to finding those panties that make you feel great.

Keep in mind though that absolutely none of these panty styles were designed for people with penises. Nearly every brand and store assumes that everyone is cisgender, so, that makes shopping kinda shitty.

One of my absolute favorite pair of panties that I have EVER owned is a pair of purple lace boyshorts from Penningtons (yeah, I know that I just knocked them earlier but it is what it is lol). I’ve yet to find another pair that makes my booty look, and my girl cock feel, that glorious. *See feature image for reference.

NOTE: Should it be of interest to you, there is also Homme Mystere, a site that sells “sexy lingerie for men”. Personally, I was pretty disinterested in it’s marketing being geared entirely toward cisgender men… which I find to be needlessly alienating to trans and genderqueer shoppers, but, whatever I guess. Anyway, the prices are pretty ridiculous in my opinion. That being said, they DO sell sexy and cute underwear designed specifically to hold a penis. So, if the marketing and high price-tags don’t bother you, then you’ll find a lot very easily there.


Upsize and Re-Position

Whether it is for day-to-day wear, or for feeling sexy, I personally find that getting a slightly larger size really makes for a more comfortable wear without my girl cock turtling itself into my pubic mound. Fact is that the snugger your panties are the more likely your penis is going to tuck itself from being so constricted. Especially when you factor in other layers of tight clothing and the shifting that occur throughout the day. So, upsize your underwear!

I’m not talking about going to a 2XL if you normally wear size small, but go up one size from what you tend to wear. I usually fit a size large in panties. Ever since I started buying size XL panties my girl cock has thanked me for all the extra comfort room and I’m adjusting myself far less throughout the day now.

Then play with your penis… positioning wise, that is! What works best for me in an upsized pair of panties is just placing my girl cock all the way to either side so it is resting nicely in the fabric. In the right pair of panties, like a roomy hipster fit or a nice pair of XL lace cheekys, it sits perfectly without turtling itself or poking out too noticeably. However, if the pair I’m wearing is a little tight then I find that it’s better for me is to position my girl cock upright and slightly to either side so that he head is pointing just off of the center of  my belly.

It will be different for you, obviously, so just play around until you find what’s most comfortable.


Embrace the Bulge!

Ultimately, it’s all about embracing the bulge and not giving a fuck what cis folk think. Your physical and psychological comfort is worth more than appeasing any body shaming, ignorant, self-righteous transphobes who won’t stop glaring at your crotch like it’s the Ark of the Covenant. You’re not responsible for their obsession with the genitalia of strangers.

Personally, I don’t care if I’m in skinny jeans or short shorts, I’m not tucking. Especially not for social expectations or for uncomfortable cis people who don’t have the self control to chill their ridiculous outrage over the imagined shapes they are searching for between my legs. I’m not walking around with a raging erection, it’s a small bump in the fabric of my pants. Stop making a mountain out of my cock bulge.


NOTE: Thursday updates will be re-posts from, which was permanently suspended by WordPress due to their sexphobic anti-porn and anti-sex work policies. This post was originally published on October 28, 2016. Click here for the full story.

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Ethical Exhibitionism: Considerate Cum Tributes

A cum tribute, also known as a “sop”, is a sexual act that involves an individual masturbating to, then ejaculating on, a still image of somebody that they find attractive. People doing cum tributes tend to ejaculate on printed photos, magazines, or even tablet, laptop, or photo screens; and then take a photo of the cum soaked image so that they can post it online… and that’s what I’d like to talk about today.

NOTE: Did you know that squirt tributes are a thing too? Booya. [Link is 100% NSFW]

Honestly, I personally find the base concept of a cum tribute to be pretty hot and under certain circumstances I’d kind of love it if somebody cummed on a photo of me. But that’s just it, there is a big difference between uploading somebodies picture covered in ejaculate, without their knowledge or permission, vs. me giving consent, and actively requesting, that somebody cum tributes me.

Look, you know and I know that nothing I say here is going to stop you from cumming on whatever picture you damn well want to; and it’s not my intention to talk you out of, or to shame you for, doing so because honestly, I’ve cum on ALL sorts of stuff too. In fact, I love cumming on things. Food, collectibles, myself, my partner, the floor, a wall, a tree, anything, really.

However, I do hope to discourage you from photographing and posting that messy picture of your friend’s selfie because, chances are, they were not aware that you pleasured yourself to their vacation photos and posted explicit imagery of their cum splattered likeness online for their friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, prospective employers, etc. to potentially see.

That’s not cool. In fact, that’s sexual harassment.

You see, I don’t feel there is anything inherently wrong with cum tributes. It’s fantasy play. It’s a fetish act. I get that. I’ve masturbated to MANY photos of celebrities and people I know in my day to day life and, on occasion, I’ve either accidentally or intentionally shot my load all over those images. Hell, I masturbate to friends and acquaintances on Facebook all the damn time. But what I don’t do is pull out my cell phone and take a picture of my semen on a print-out of my coworker, then post that on some random Tumblr page.

To snap pictures of your genitals by a print out of somebody’s face smiling at prom, or, to cum all over a photo of them relaxing on the beach in their bikini, and to then post that all over the internet, is to involve them in sexual activity without their consent.

That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a cum tribute at all. Here are a few options of how you can do a cum tribute considerately:


Just Don’t Post Them

So, you ejaculated on a picture of your roommate, or your favorite celebrity, or your ex, or whoever. Cool, sounds like a fun time! No need to post it anywhere though. Doing so isn’t a “tribute” of your lust for this person, it’s extremely inconsiderate and a legit form of sexual harassment to the person who’s likeness you just soaked in your bodily fluids for all to see. Consent isn’t just for person-to-person sexual contact, it should be extended to ALL forms of sexual acts including those online such as sexting, camming, and yes, cum tributes.

Besides, if you really, really, REALLY want to post a picture of your cum on another picture, there are ways to do that respectfully…


Register at an Ethically Run “Tribute” Community

Behold! The TributeMe subreddit; a genuinely awesome place where users [typically cis women] go through a verification process designed to ensure that the only photos they are uploading are of themselves [not somebody else], and, that they are fully consenting to other users [typically cis men] posting cum tributes to said photo or images that they provide. Honestly, it’s magical and this is EXACTLY what the base concept of ethical exhibitionism is all about to me: practicing exhibitionism with consent and consideration.

Take this thread for example, the original poster has already been verified so any images she posts are of her. She opens her thread celebrating that verification, posts a picture of herself naked, and invites everybody to in turn to post pictures and/or videos of themselves ejaculating onto that original photo of her naked body. Consent is given and all those participating are doing so in an extremely hot, yet surprisingly respectful, manner!

How fucking cool is that?! THANK you, TributeMe. I’d love to see an explicitly queer version of this some day. If that already exists, PLEASE tell me cause I want to go to there.

But we’re not done! There are still other options too, like…


Post Cum Tributes of Animated or Drawn Characters

Seriously. There is literally an endless supply of sexy fictional characters out there from video games, animated movies/shows, anime, comic books, graphic novels, etc. that you can cum all over and post those gloriously messy pictures all over the internet to your hearts desires.

Jessica Rabbit, Nightwing (mmmm Dick Grayson), Liara T’soni, Lara Croft, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Batgirl, fuckin’ Wolverine, the entire goddamn cast of World of Warcraft, etc. there are countless hand-drawn, digitized, animated, or 3D models for you to cum on and post away knowing that you’re not potentially harming a living person.

Here are some I did to Lola Bunny and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner:

You know who gets hurt by you posting a picture of your ejaculate on shirtless Bruce Wayne from the Batman comics? Nobody, because he’s not real… well, except for maybe the artists who might see their hard work being used for wank material. Sorry, illustrators and animators!

One more time for those in the back: exhibitionism can, and should, be practiced with consent and consideration.


For More Ethical Exhibitionism topics check out:

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