5 Surprisingly Cool Benefits to Mutual Masturbation

Happy Mid-Masturbation month, y’all! I know I’m a little late to the party already but I’ve been busy looking after my mental health and, well, masturbating. Also, mapping out what to write about for the next couple of weeks.

Not only am I midway through eating my own cum every day this month (and tracking details on taste and texture), I’m also prepping a new Mx Nillin Fucks post and my partner is interviewing me about that feature! So, keep an eye out for those over the new couple of weeks.

What I’d like to chat about in this piece though is something that I feel is SORELY underappreciated by most. Not only is it something I rarely hear talked about among friends, or anybody discussing sexuality, but it’s something that is also just really fucking fun… to be honest. So what is the thing that I’m being unnecessarily obtuse about?

Why, it’s mutual masturbation, of course! What is mutual masturbation?

It’s the act of two or more people masturbating in the presence of one another. While purists may say that it has to be done in person, I say that’s a bunch of hooey because as far as I’m concerned mutual masturbation can absolutely be enjoyed long distance over the phone, messenger, voice chat, or any video chat services as well.

Also, contrary to popular misconception, mutual masturbation does not require you to be in a committed relationship in order to do it. No, no. Fuck that noise. You can mutually masturbate with all kinds of people, so long as everybody is comfortable and consenting. I’m talking your friend(s), roommate(s), coworker(s), classmate(s), or even a complete stranger on ChatRoulette. [Oh ChatRoulette…]

Anyway, here are five pretty cool benefits that I’ve discovered through my experiences masturbating with others:


It’s a Great Way to Share Your Own, and Learn About Other, Sexual Fantasies

Are you really into pet play? How about exhibitionism? Maybe you love fisting, or gangbangs, or eating ass. Have you ever wanted to dress-up like members of the Avengers with somebody and just fuck like animals because you’re about to got fight Ultron and you have no idea whether or not you’ll survive? Awesome, get some of your go to porn links together and save those to your favorites, if you haven’t already, because now would be a great time to break the ice on them.

Usually when I mutually masturbate with my partner we take turns picking out porn vids. Through this practice, I have learned a lot about their sexual fantasies and desires for really rough sex, humiliation play, and fisting, among others. Likewise, I have picked out videos that often feature exhibitionism, public sex, cum play, pet play, and, at times, some hentai or erotic furry art.

Treat it like a sort of show and tell for your kinks! You don’t even have to be in a committed relationship. If you’re masturbating with a friend this can still be a great practice in kink positivity wherein you both have the opportunity to share and talk about what excites you.


You Can Learn Self-Pleasure Techniques for Your Own Enjoyment That You Didn’t Know Before

Regardless of who you do it with, one of the best things about masturbating with somebody who has similar genitals as yourself is that you can learn exciting self-pleasure methods you may not have tried yourself yet! As somebody with a girl cock, I feel very fortunately to have had the opportunity to masturbate with a fair amount of people with a penis over the years. Be it a pacing thing, a creative way to use your free hand, or a specific stroking method I wasn’t familiar with, I’ve almost always managed to pick up something refreshing and fun from the ways that I’ve seen my friends and lovers jerk off.

And sure, you could learn something from just watching a solo jerk off scene too BUT, believe me when I say that masturbating with somebody who you feel comfortable with, who you can actually converse with, who you can ask questions, watch up close, be watched by, replicate the techniques of more accurately, etc. is an experience unlike any other.

My partner and I always argue over who gets to use the wand. It’s magical, y’all…


It Can Be a Huge Confidence Builder

When you are masturbating with a great friend, partner, or lover, don’t be stingy on the compliments! Nothing lifts confidence like some flattering remarks, so, if things seem a little on the quiet side then toss some out there to whoever you’re ‘bating with. Chances are that this will add to the overall excitement of things for both of you while simultaneously encouraging empowering remarks.

It’s not just about feeling good during sexual experiences. People tend to also want to feel attractive to whoever they are being sexual with, and like they are contributing to those exchanges in meaningful ways. So, get those balls rolling! Empower your jerk off buddy with some playful, sexy, accolades and encourage them to hand some your way too!

Overall, mutual masturbation has the potential to be a very uplifting exercise that leaves you, and your masturbating guest, feeling satisfied in more ways than one.


It’s a Great Way to Practice Dirty Talk

Whether you’re new to it, or a seasoned smut master with your words, mutual masturbation provides a unique opportunity to practice some dirty talk in a relatively chill environment. It actually took me quite awhile to get comfortable with dirty talking. I had never been very good at it and it just generally wasn’t something I was very confident with. While having sex, there were many instances where my partner would want some dirty talk while we were having rough sex but I just couldn’t find the words, for whatever reason.

During mutual masturbation, though, my partner slowly encouraged me to explore dirty talk through us watching BDSM scenes as we pleasured ourselves. Every so often they would lean a little closer and ask things like “wouldn’t you like to do that to me?”, “what else would you do?”, “what am I?”, etc. And, needless to say, once you start answer those questions… well, you’re on your way!

Watching porn with your jerk off buddy (or buddies) allows you the opportunity to really share and explore each other’s fantasies, kinks, and desires. Plus, it’s hot as fuck!


It’s a Great Way to Show Your Partner(s)/Lover(s) What You Like, And Learn What They Like Too

Mutually masturbating with somebody can provide the unique opportunity to literally give them a presentation on how you personally derive pleasure. Look at it as a prime time to really show your partner(s) or lover(s) what you like through highlighting the self-pleasure methods you use.

Is there a specific way that you like having your genitals stimulated? Cool, be sure to really highlight that as you play. Are there other areas on your body that REALLY up the pleasure you experience? Awesome, touch and/or caress those too. Personally, mutually masturbating has felt like one of the most natural times to convey how I like to be touched to my partner(s).

Likewise, there’s no better way to learn how you can more effectively get your partner(s) or lover(s) off than by watching them literally show you how they get themselves off. Pay attention and you’re sure to learn many fun tricks!


How about you folks? Have you mutually masturbated with anyone before? If so, what was your experience with it?


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