7 Sappy, Romantic Graphics for Throuples and Polyamorous Folks to Send Their Sweeties

It’s February, the month of love, and everybody is sharing sappy romance graphics with the special somebody in their life. Which is real nice, but there are a lot of us that don’t just have one special somebody in their life, many of us have two… or more! Unfortunately, that means that there isn’t a lot of lovey-dovey images for all of us with diverse relationship and family structures.

I mean, I’d love to send my queer partners, Fal and Kate, a bunch of mushy love pictures that reflect our relationship but almost everything out there assumes that the whole world is cisgender, heterosexual, and monogamous to one person.

Well, I aim to start fixing that a little by making some of my own, dammit!

Now, none of these are going to be perfect for all poly folks out there, because I created them with my own partners in mind, however, I do hope that some of them work for others.

Happy early Valentine’s Day, y’all.




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