7 Queer Names for Trans and Non-Binary Folks to Call Their Penis

One of the most essential parts of reclaiming autonomy over myself as a queer androbabe has been taking back the language used to describe my body. Everything that had previously applied, obviously, no longer felt right and the binary alternatives for cis fem genitalia weren’t appropriate either because they described parts that I neither had, nor wanted.

I’m a babe with a penis and I needed something appropriately empowering, queer, and subversive to call my bits.

But finding or creating the language to describe ourselves when you exist outside of the binary can be really hard. There just isn’t a lot out there and what does exist is often, sadly, mocked, minimized, or otherwise invalidated.

So, for all you babes out there who are not quite sure of where to start, here are 7 queer words that other trans, enby, genderqueer, genderfluid, and gender non-conforming folk use to refer to their penis. I hope that one speaks to you, or puts you on your way to discovering the words that make you feel best:

combination of “clit” and “dick”, this one is also commonly used by trans men.

playing into trap culture and subversive gender non-conformity, usually referring to a “trap dick”, trick has also been used by trans folk as a combination of the words “trans” and “dick”.

Girl Cock, aka Gock:
 I’ve been using girl cock to describe my penis for years and it is probably the most frequently written word on this blog by this point. I’m personally not a big fan of the shortened version, “Gock”, but I have heard quite a few others use it too.

Fem/Femme Cock: 
In the same vein as girl cock. For a third variant, try on “Lady Dick”

this is quite possibly the cutest, most clever one I’ve heard. What’s the opposite of a rooster/cock? Why, a Hen, of course! Perfect name to queer up your penis! 

combining the pronoun “she” with “penis”, shenis is typically a transphobic slur used by cis people to describe trans women and their genitalia. In recent years, however, some trans and non-binary folks with a penis have worked to proudly reclaim the word for themselves. It is also the name of a cheap quality stand-to-pee device with a shitty, needlessly cisnormative marketing campaign that boasts about vagina people getting to “pee like a man”.  

What started as a meme based on how the YouTube channel Pronunciation Guide mispronounced the word “Penis” as “BEEP-is”, many trans folk have taken the word for their own. I dunno about y’all, but while I personally wouldn’t use the word for my genitals I do LOVE when trans folk co-opt cis shit as their own!

My Girl Cock makes the BEST panty bulges!

I tried to do as much research as I could for this piece but, unfortunately, there wasn’t much that I could find. So, if you use another word, or have heard another used, please feel free to drop it in the comments below and I would be happy to add it to this post along with a small definition.


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