A Case for Traps, Sissies, Femboys, and Crossdressers

[CW: this post contains sexually explicit, NSFW art]

I get it. We’re all trying to survive in a world that generally irrationally hates and fears everything that isn’t white, cisgender, heterosexual, and male. But I feel that it’s important not to invalidate or denigrate other vulnerable groups by playing into the ignorance of the majority and pandering to oppressive systems or social mores.

Heartbreakingly, it’s quite common for marginalized groups to throw their own under the bus in pursuit of social, political, and/or legal acceptance from the majority.

The gay & lesbian community has historically thrown trans people and bisexual folk under the bus in order to gain rights for themselves. The trans community has, on a number of occasions, thrown non-binary, generqueer, agender, androgynous, and gender nonconforming people under the bus for whatever bits of social favor they can get.

Personally, I find this inexcusable and have no intentions on scapegoating other queers, or kinky peeps, for my own sake, and I certainly have no intention on trying to live to the expectations of the cis or other binary trans folk in order to be accepted.

I’m a non-binary trans, queer as fuck, non-monogamous, exhibitionist slut with hairy tits and a girl cock who loves group sex, anal, pet play, masturbation, and cum eating. Get over it. I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like it.

And I DO NOT blame the unique existence of any other trans people, or femboys, sissies, crossdressers, or even traps, for the threats, intimidation, or bullying I get. Nope, that’s shitty, ignorant cishets being shitty and ignorant.

Now, for those of you here to learn something, let’s go over some terms!


Trans: a broad term that generally describes somebody whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with the gender that they were assigned at birth.


Non-binary: also sometimes interchanged with “genderqueer”, is an extremely broad term for people whose gender identities are not exclusively masculine or feminine, man or women. This can include having a mix of gender identities, moving between gender identities, having a gender identity that exists outside of the binary [some times known as being of a “third gender“], or having no gender identity at all.


Cisgender: [often shortened to “cis”] somebody whose sense of personal identity and gender remains consistent with the binary gender that they were assigned at birth.


Crossdresser: a person who dresses in the clothing and accessories socially attributed to another sex or gender identity other than the one they were assigned at birth [for example: a cis man dressing feminine, often with the intent to “pass” as a cis woman].


Sissy: [aka. Sissification, feminization] a BDSM practice during which the gender of a submissive cis dude is switched, usually by consensual force, to that of a woman. This typically involves various degrees of crossdressing where the submissive is instructed to wear heels, or a corset, or a skirt/mini-shorts, make-up, women’s lingerie, or even full costumes like a sexy maid outfit. Sissy play is almost always done for some form of sexual gratification.


Femboy: a cis boy whose mannerisms, behaviors, and attire blur, or outright challenge, the lines of social expectations for masculinity and femininity.


Trap: is a derogatory word when applied to trans folks who do not explictly identify as such themselves, because it suggest that trans people are somehow deceitful and/or dangerous. Unfortunately, there exists a long history of profound violence surrounding the term. Many trans women are often physically assaulted or even murdered by cis men who, after having sex with them, feel ashamed [due to internalized queerphobia] and lash out with misplaced aggression.

The word has since been reclaimed in some circles by trans people, who now proudly identify with the term.

In sex comics and written erotica, as well as in many kink communities, it is also used to describe predominantly cis men who occasionally crossdresses and convincingly pass as cis women. This can be problematic and harmful to trans communities as many of the narratives in those stories purposely present queer or gender nonconforming characters as sexual deviants with predatory behaviors. This is most common in Japanese manga.


If you’re looking for tips, pics, and a sense of community you may find that on the Reddit forums for /r/FemBoys or /r/Traps. Both are NSFW. There are also a LOT of Tumblr blogs floating around, as well as assorted forums, groups, and Facebook pages all with varying types of experiences and people. I highly recommend making some basic google searches and doing some general browsing to find the right fit for you.

As for pornography, if you liked the two pieces of trap and sissy sex art featured in the post, I highly recommend that you treat yourself to more from InCase. At the very least, check out his Art Blog and Reddit forum at /r/Incase. For some incredibly hot sex comics featuring traps, crossdressers, sissies, and futas, you should definitely give Talking Dirty, Spicing Things Up, My Debut, and Hella Trap a read.


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3 Replies to “A Case for Traps, Sissies, Femboys, and Crossdressers”

  1. Thanks for the article, there is a dating forum I’m in, and the trans youth in it have basically made saying trap/femboy a bannable offense considering they will just report you for trolling saying you are using the terms to try and get a rise out of them.

    The shit is SUPER frustrating because femboy and trap have always been innocent terms i’ve known people to use as positive self description, and now because some asshole called a trans person a trap, i’m a badguy and so is any other self proclaimed trap/femboy because we don’t want to let assholes ruin stuff that is just a matter of fucking semantics and context.

    Gives me a sigh of relief to read an article that explains the stupidity behind such logic.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that those dating forums are pretty aggressively anti-traps and femboys. That’s not cool. Policing, disrespecting, and oppressing the identities of others is what trans, queer, and enby folks are supposed to be fighting against, so… why are they treating crossdressers, traps, femboys, sissies, in those very same abusive ways? Targeting the WRONG folks here. You aren’t to blame for assholes and bigots appropriating your identity and using it as a re-purposed slur. Asshole bigots are to blame. And clearly, you’re not calling trans people traps. That’s how you are identifying yourself and that is completely valid.

  2. is great information. I’ve been living in the state of fear most of my life because I like to dress up and nylons and pantyhose women’s underwear. And I’m very sexual I felt I was a sexual deviant this whole time not true. I am laying here being hoes a bra panties and I have pornos on the computer but I cannot get a hard-on but I’m horny as hell.

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