Mx Nillin 030Right up front: this is an ADULT ONLY (18+), NSFW, sex blog focused on content for queer and trans readers that is consent guided, body positive, kink/BDSM friendly, and anti-racist.

Who am I? My name is MxNillin! I’m a non-binary, queer as fuck, non-monogamous, lewd, furry, exhibitionist slut with hairy tits and a girl cock who loves pet play, cum eating, mutual masturbation with friends, and feeding their hungry asshole.

Here you’ll find all sort of posts on sex, masturbation, sex toys, group play, cum eating, kinks, non-monogamy, queer/feminist porn, and ethical exhibitionism and voyeurism, among other things.

Outside of the blog I have been interning at The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health since September 2016. I also regularly participate in an adult entertainment group review panel for the Crash Pad Series, called Sex Educators Review Porn. This allows me to watch outstanding queer and feminist porn on a semi-regular basis; all while learning a great deal from porn creators as well as sex workers, performers, advocates, educators, and bloggers.

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