4 More Awesome Hardcore Furry Femboy Porn Comics

[CW: post contains sexually explicit art]

If you read and enjoyed my first post on femboy furry sex comics back in December, and you’ve been craving some more hella hot porn art featuring furry crossdressers, traps, sissies, and futas than this one is for you!

Once again, I’d like to reiterate to any and all self-identified crossdressers, femboys, sissies, traps, etc. out there: your experiences and motivations are valid. You are worthy and this blog will always be as safe and welcoming a place to you as it is for queer and trans folk as well.

If you are a reader who is unsure of any of the terms utilized there than I would like to encourage you to read my post A Case for Traps, Sissies, Femboys, and crossdressers.

Now, onto the porn! Just like last time, the comics below were chosen because they feature one or more super cute, and sexy, furry femboys as their leads. They also do not conflate femboys with trans people, nor do they use any transphobic terminology. Plus they are hot as FUCK, ya’ll. Just saying…



Friends With Benefits by Tokifuji

Read it right on Tokifuji’s Tumblr blog here: Part 1Part 2 Part 3.

This is actually the direct follow up to Some Things Never Change, shared in the last post on femboy furry comics.  While Sora and Jang are off banging each other in the V.I.P room of that cosplay/gaming store BK, Jang’s cute tiger femboy coworker, goes tot he security room where he ends up watching them on security cam. Clancy, the handsome store security guard, catches BK being a voyeur to the scene and joins in taking a look. Naturally, it doesn’t take long before some casual voyeurism, flirting, and BK suggestively eating a chocolate bar before it is straight into the sloppy cock sucking, cum drinking, butt fucking, and handjobs.

As a bonus, and teaser to the next comic, the story ends with BK dressed up as a SUPER cute, femboy Link from Legend of Zelda as Sora and Jang return to pine over him. YAY!

Be sure to also check out this 2-page one shot comic, Pet Treats, from Tokifuji featuring a cute femboy snake and bunny furry pleasuring their master.


Beta Behave by Tanksi

Read the whole comic in a two part Tumblr post: RIGHT HERE.

This one is actually a direct follow up to another comic called Alpha Knows Best. However, unlike it’s predecessor, Beta Behave features some hardcore crossdressing and feminization play. Novus comes home to find his partner Adrian exactly where he left him, tied to a bed dressed in slutty lingerie as punishment for ambushing him with collared sex the day before. With little hesitation, he heads to their dresser where he takes out some stockings and panties, puts them on Adrian, and then begins teasing him before taking him from behind while yanking on his leash.

So it’s not so much about femboys like the other comics BUT it’s a quick read and features some really hot crossdressing and bondage so, booya.

See more from Tanks on their FurAffinity page and Tumblr blog.



Critical Success by Roanoke (formerly “Ace”)

Read it the comic on Luscious comics: RIGHT HERE.

Another with ties from the last list, Critical Success features one of my biggest furry femboy crushes, Avery, who also starred in the hot group sex comic Table for Three. This time, he finds himself playing a tabletop game with  his buddy Terry. As Avery’s character in the game is confronted by some ooze furries he quickly uses his charisma ability to turn the game from high fantasy to a hardcore fantasy threesome complete with group sex, exhibitionism, spitroasting, rimming, shape-shifting genitalia, and a double-stuffed asshole.



Sexual Appetite by Tokifuji

Read it right here on Tokifuji’s Tumblr page: Part 1 Part 2.

Another really hot femboy comic from Tokifuji who, honestly, I feel kinda has this genre of furry porn cornered with outstanding art and incredibly attractive characters. Pretty simple plot here. Jay, the adorable blonde femboy kitty, and Dean have only ever fooled around with some “midnight gropefests” but Dean has a fun idea in mind that will take their … and it all starts with bacon wrapped cock.

Needless to say things escalate quickly to deepthroating, 69ing, ass eating, and a whole lotta cum swallowing (my fave!).

For a lot more of Tokifuji’s art, including hardcore photosets and other comic projects, check out their official Tumblr artists page.

Hope you enjoy them… a LOT. *wink* Treat yourself!

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A Look Back On My First Hentai Manga and the Sexual Fantasies That Stuck

[CW: sexually explicit images, discussion of content relating to sexual assault, rape, and coercive sex. I do NOT recommend this manga series to anyone who has experienced sexual trauma.]

Way back, when the internet had JUST made the switch from dial-up to broadband, and I was a tween just beginning to discover the wonders of online porn, one of the very first pieces of erotica I ever encountered was a hentai manga called Bondage Fairies.

The general idea behind the series was that it followed these two sexy, fem fairies named Pfil and Pamela who serve as hunters working to protect their forest home from a whole bunch of crap like satanic beetles, murderous shrimp, and sexually unsatisfied squirrels. No matter what the scenario was, no matter what new menace was introduced, it almost always started with them fucking each other and then quickly led to them fucking some insect(s), intelligent woodland critter(s), each other some more, themselves, or even an adult human being from time to time.

Soon enough, I also discovered there there was so much more than just the one series. In fact, there were four! You had The Original Bondage Fairies, Bondage Fairies Extreme (which had another 14 chapters), The New Bondage Fairies (WARNING: the original series contains rape plots), and The NEW Bondage Fairies: Fairies Fetish (another sizeable collection of porn comics). I’m talking well over 1000 pages of hardcore comics, ya’ll.

And this thing just had a LOT going for it including masturbation, mutual masturbation, fingering, fisting, anal, oral, face fucking, tribbing, squriting, cum eating, non-con play, masochism, threesomes, foursomes, gang bangs, orgies, nurse play, latex fetish, whips and chains, body harnesses, collars and leashes, and more.

At the time I had NO idea what even half of these things were called, let alone that there were some many other unique fetishes at play within this fantasy setting. Over the years my desires and fantasies have certainly changed and evolved but looking through Bondage Fairies again… it’s interesting to see how many of the fetishes in particular have stuck around. For example:



What the fuck is that you ask? Good question!

Have you ever been looking through porn art on the internet and up pops some Disney lewds, and there’s Tinkerbelle drawn all sexy, maybe getting down with some human sized genitalia, and you’re like “damn, Tink is hot… I wonder what doing it with a fairy would be like”?

No? Okay, well it might just be me. Whatever.

The point here is that microphilia and macrophilia are sexual fantasies that involve some form of sexual arousal around very small, oftentimes miniature, beings or very large, oftentimes gigantic, beings. These fantasies can range from imagining that you are a 500 ft tall human babe using buildings as sex toys, to a human being having having their genitals rubbed down by a fairy, or, that you’re the fairy yourself, grinding up on those gigantic sexual organs to satiate the lust of your human overlords.

Is it weird? Sure. It’s weird. I’m weird, you’re weird, people are fucking weird and so are their sexual fantasies. Let’s move on.



Yep! While one might think of characters like Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, or Lt. Judy Hopps as definitive of furry characters, the genre actually has a surprising amount of variety in how furries are personified. Furries that walk, talk, dress, and behave more like humans than like animals are of the anthropomorphic variety whereas characters that speak, think, and emote like humans, yet still appear far more animal [often not wearing much of any clothes and walking around on all four limbs] are what is known as “ferals”. Outside of porn settings, you might recognize a feral furry character as characters from movies like The Lion King, The Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmations, etc.

Of course, if you’ve read my blog for a while you’d know that I’ve been into furries and furry porn [often called “yiff”] for quite a while, though I’m almost exclusively in the anthro area there.

I’m less about Simba and more about Nick Wilde or Gadget Hackwrench, yo.


Exhibitionism, Outdoor Sex, BDSM…

…mutual masturbation, voyeurism, group sex, pegging, and so on on so forth. So okay, a lot of this shit was hot to me then and is still hot to me now, with the exception of a handful of things that have just never really done it for me personally (ie; piss play and vorephilia). The take away here is that I think it’s pretty fascinating to look back at early exposures to erotica and possibly rediscover the roots of what sexually excites me.

Unfortunately though, revisiting Bondage Fairies wasn’t all nostalgic sexiness…


Rape Culture

[CW: descriptions of sexual violence and manipulation] A few of the collected stories are tarnished by plots that relied heavily on sexual assault, rape, and sexual coercion “plots”. In particular, The New Bondage Fairies collection features The Rat Patrol, The Wrath of Titanos, Jumbo Shrimp, and Super Hopper, all featuring sexual assault as core parts of their story. Worse, these presentations of sexual assaults actively work to both trivialize and eroticize those actions through tired, sexist tropes that present Pfil as deep down “wanting” the sexual abuses she receives.

Further, the author broadly paints all the cis guy characters as not having any control over their sexual lust and oftentimes the other characters, Pamela included, blatantly ignore Pfil’s very clear statements of “NO” as they guilt or coerce her into sexual situations that she has explicitly expressed discomfort with. Pamela is more often than not the worst for this, taking great pride in manipulating Pfil to have sex with her or others.

So, that fucking sucks.


Do you remember what your first erotic media was (video, pictures, a book, comic)?

Are some of your long-held sexual fantasies and desires represented in that early erotica?

Looking back on it now, are there things about it that you see differently now?

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Talking Furries, Fursuits, and Anthro Porn with Rhea Algarin

In many ways, my sexual awakening didn’t come from finding a nudie mag or staying up late at a friend’s house so we could sneak downstairs and try to watch scrambled porn on their tube TV. Nope. It actually came from seeing Lola Bunny on the big screen in Space Jam. I’ve been fascinated with anthro porn and furries ever since but it wasn’t until my late teens when I learned about any of the terminology or the sub-culture that had formed. Yay, exciting! Only problem was, that everybody I knew hated furries and if I didn’t want to be treated like them, then I needed to jump on the furry hate wagon too… which, unfortunately, I did.

But this past year I’ve really started to embrace my inner furry.

At first, it was all about the furry and anthro porn. I was just really into the intense gay furry comics of Tokifuji and perusing furry porn galleries like those found at e621 or The Yiff Gallery. But it wasn’t long before I just found myself falling in love with the art in general; which brought me to the likes of Falvie, Pollo-Chan, Iskra, Kaity Cuddle, and so many others.

Next thing I knew, I found myself browsing pet play and costume piece sites like Kitten’s Playpen, and then there I was ordering my first cat tail and ears set (which will hopefully be on its way to me soon!). Overall, it has all been pretty great and I’m having fun starting to even consider a fursona for myself.

Yet, I still struggle with a lot of shame and self-stigmatization about it all. I mean, I’m already a non-monogamous, queer and non-binary trans sex blogger who writes about ethical exhibitionism, cum play, and now here I am getting immersed in furrydom and talking about how hot and bothered I get by anthropomorphic animal porn…

So, I really wanted to talk to another furry, possibly a fursuiter [a person who owns and typically wears animal based costumes associated with the furry fandom].

Enter: Rhea Algarin, a well known furry and fursuiter, who I first noticed in a posting of a wicked photo gallery on the World of Furries facebook page. Reaching out to her allowed me the tremendous opportunity to learn more about furries, unpack my own baggage about being a furry myself, and share all of that with you. I hope that you enjoy learning from Rhea as much as I have!

Rhea's 2016 Halloween shoot is what initially drew me to contact her about her fursuit.
Rhea’s 2016 Halloween shoot is what initially drew me to contact her about her fursuit.


Furries and their Fursonas

So, what exactly are furries? While a number of definitions exist online [here’s a really great one] everybody who identifies as a furry seems to have their own personal idea of what that precisely means. Rhea describes this differentiation as a diverse range of understanding, “on one side all you really need to have to be a ‘furry’ is an interest and love for anthropomorphic animals. Then there is the group that feel much more akin to the animals and feel they have a spiritual connection with them.”

As such, the involvement that people have with the community seems to stretch all the way from a casual interest in anthropomorphic characters [non-human beings that are presented with human characteristics] and art to Otherkin identities, which is loosely defined on the Otherkin Community Wiki as: “people who identify in some internal way as non-human.”

Regardless of where somebody seems to find themselves in that range, one consistent seems to be the development of, or an interest in, a fursona. What is a fursona, you ask? Luckily, that’s a little less ambiguously defined. “[Your] fursona is the character that you have created to represent yourself within the furry community,” explained Rhea. “It is your furry side and how you like to be known to others. Some people have and stick to one fursona (like me) and others have lots that they change between.”

NOTE: there are also those who are more interested in “nekomimi/catgirl” personas [mostly human characters with feline/cat-like ears and/or tails], or “ferals” [characters or fursonas that carry almost no human traits at all].

Feeling a little lost? It’s okay, I was too not too long ago. I think one of the best ways to start wrapping your head around it is to listen to furries themselves.


Rhea’s Story

Rhea first learned about the furry community back while she was attending college in the latter half of the 90s. It was around this time that she also went to Anthrocon‘s (“the world’s largest convention for those fascinated with anthropomorphics“) inaugural gathering as her first official convention event. “I [had] always been a furry but I didn’t know there was a name for it, and others like that, until then. It was amazing, and a little intimidating at the time. There were a lot of people in these fursuits that looked amazing; it was a lot to take in at first but I loved seeing it all.”

Really, it shouldn’t be surprising that Rhea had found herself interested in anthropomorphism long before discovering furries. Cultures all around the world have been fascinated with part-human-part-animal beings, or human-like animals, or animal-like-humans, for a VERY long time. I mean, Greek mythology is absolutely bustling with half-human-half-animal creatures and gods such as centaur, satyr, minotaur, harpy, and Medusa/gorgon. Ancient Egypt had it’s fascination with bird headed Gods such as Horus and Ra, as well as the jackal headed Anubis.

Hell, even pop culture and Hollywood loves furries too. Just look at Disney. The entire foundation of that corporation is built on a foundation of furries like Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald & Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Darkwing Duck, Bernard & Miss Bianca [The Rescuers], Chip & Dale, Gadget, Launchpad McQuack, Pete, Robin Hood, all of them; anthropomorphic animals. Many of them; ducks…

Rhea’s fursona was taken from a White Wolf tabletop RPG game she was playing when she first learned about the fandom. “I was playing Rhea at the time, and totally loved her, and thought she would be a great fit. I don’t think I intended her to be permanent at the time, but she just became a part of me and who I am over time… She has a ton of backstory, far more than I could easily get into here. But to sum it up she is a Magical Warrior Priestess of Gaia. She fights corruption to save the world and its people. She is a very kind and gentle, person but strong in her resolve. She is a leader and one who always tries to do her best to help. And isn’t above being a bit flirty at times because she likes to bring a smile to people’s faces.”

The longer I spent talking with Rhea, the more I realized that her fursona meant so much more than just some roleplay fun. “Rhea has a very special meaning to me and I do feel extremely close to the cheetahs, and have a pretty feline personality. While yes, I’m obviously human, I am of the mindset that if technology existed I would become my avatar without giving it a second thought.”

“[Rhea is] polite, and graceful. Sometimes playful, it can also depend on what outfit I have on… Perhaps you could say she is an ideal that I hold myself too. In a lot of ways she is who I strive to more closely become. But at the same time, we are one in the same. She is an aspect of myself, and one I’d like to be more like. Having her and being her has helped me to become a better person, I think.”

Once Rhea went to her first con, she found herself quickly invited into a community that didn’t judge or stigmatize her for her furry interests like everyone else did. “Furries are pretty supportive, I think. Sure there are still going to have the negative people that any group will have but it’s been my experience by and large that most furries are much more accepting then most other groups seem to be. And that helped me to be comfortable with the fursuiting.”



Speaking of Rhea’s suit, it was built by her roommate, and fellow furry, Astaira Naira.  It’s made of stretch velvet and has had many revisions over the years. In an early version, Rhea was actually covered in fur but once the heat of being in there got unbearable she finally asked for a lighter version, which is what you see today.  “It’s so much cooler! The other thing I liked about this one is that it lets me have suits and more jewelry options. I really do like the style and look [too], I think it gives a bit more realism.”

But realism isn’t necessarily the end all be all of a great fursuit. In fact, Rhea believes what makes a truly outstanding fursuit is balance. “Here’s the thing, for me, the trick to a good fursuit isn’t how realistic to the animal you get but how good you are at blending human and animal traits together, as well as keeping to your chosen animal. It’s how you blend those two aspects that get you a good suit.”

In the end though, it’s really up to the individual how they develop their fursona and whether they go for a full fursuit, just some fur/pet play accessories, or nothing at all. For some, the community and creativity simply isn’t of any interest to them, they’re just there for the bunny babes and sexy fox folk banging each other. And you know what? That’s cool too.

Because furry porn, is hot af.


“Furry Porn” and Erotic Anthropomorphism

While Rhea personally does not engage in any sexual activity while wearing her suit, she does enjoy some of the NSFW anthro/furry porn art in circulation, as well as the occasional racy fan-fix. Furries are just something in general that Rhea finds incredibly attractive and seductive. “I do find them very erotic, personally. Either to be that creature, or to be with it. It’s the transformations that I like, being able to immerse yourself in a world where someone becomes a furry and explores that new form and nature in wonderful ways.”

But what is it precisely that people find sexy about furries? Well, like most other attractions or sexual interests the explanation isn’t all that exact.

“Oh my goodness, that’s like asking ‘what’s pretty about this flower?’ Or, what do you find attractive about one girl over another,” said Rhea. “Furries are just sexy to me. There is something about the mix of animals, creatures, and human that I find alluring. The fur, wings, tails… I just do.”

And if that’s all that Rhea needs to be accepting of their furry self, then maybe that’s all I need too. Same for you also. If you’re reading this and you’ve been really trying to justify or explain your attraction to furries and furry porn… well, maybe you don’t have to right now. Maybe, we can just find solace in the fact that there are a LOT of us out there who are into this, and it’s okay to enjoy it without having to have a “reason” why.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go put on my bunny ears and collar while I drool over some hot furs.

NOTE: Thursday updates will be re-posts from mxnillin.wordpress.com, which was permanently suspended by WordPress due to their sexphobic anti-porn and anti-sex work policies. This post was originally published on November 10, 2016. Click here for the full story.

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