Ethical Exhibitionism: Considerate Cum Tributes

A cum tribute, also known as a “sop”, is a sexual act that involves an individual masturbating to, then ejaculating on, a still image of somebody that they find attractive. People doing cum tributes tend to ejaculate on printed photos, magazines, or even tablet, laptop, or photo screens; and then take a photo of the cum soaked image so that they can post it online… and that’s what I’d like to talk about today.

NOTE: Did you know that squirt tributes are a thing too? Booya. [Link is 100% NSFW]

Honestly, I personally find the base concept of a cum tribute to be pretty hot and under certain circumstances I’d kind of love it if somebody cummed on a photo of me. But that’s just it, there is a big difference between uploading somebodies picture covered in ejaculate, without their knowledge or permission, vs. me giving consent, and actively requesting, that somebody cum tributes me.

Look, you know and I know that nothing I say here is going to stop you from cumming on whatever picture you damn well want to; and it’s not my intention to talk you out of, or to shame you for, doing so because honestly, I’ve cum on ALL sorts of stuff too. In fact, I love cumming on things. Food, collectibles, myself, my partner, the floor, a wall, a tree, anything, really.

However, I do hope to discourage you from photographing and posting that messy picture of your friend’s selfie because, chances are, they were not aware that you pleasured yourself to their vacation photos and posted explicit imagery of their cum splattered likeness online for their friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, prospective employers, etc. to potentially see.

That’s not cool. In fact, that’s sexual harassment.

You see, I don’t feel there is anything inherently wrong with cum tributes. It’s fantasy play. It’s a fetish act. I get that. I’ve masturbated to MANY photos of celebrities and people I know in my day to day life and, on occasion, I’ve either accidentally or intentionally shot my load all over those images. Hell, I masturbate to friends and acquaintances on Facebook all the damn time. But what I don’t do is pull out my cell phone and take a picture of my semen on a print-out of my coworker, then post that on some random Tumblr page.

To snap pictures of your genitals by a print out of somebody’s face smiling at prom, or, to cum all over a photo of them relaxing on the beach in their bikini, and to then post that all over the internet, is to involve them in sexual activity without their consent.

That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a cum tribute at all. Here are a few options of how you can do a cum tribute considerately:


Just Don’t Post Them

So, you ejaculated on a picture of your roommate, or your favorite celebrity, or your ex, or whoever. Cool, sounds like a fun time! No need to post it anywhere though. Doing so isn’t a “tribute” of your lust for this person, it’s extremely inconsiderate and a legit form of sexual harassment to the person who’s likeness you just soaked in your bodily fluids for all to see. Consent isn’t just for person-to-person sexual contact, it should be extended to ALL forms of sexual acts including those online such as sexting, camming, and yes, cum tributes.

Besides, if you really, really, REALLY want to post a picture of your cum on another picture, there are ways to do that respectfully…


Register at an Ethically Run “Tribute” Community

Behold! The TributeMe subreddit; a genuinely awesome place where users [typically cis women] go through a verification process designed to ensure that the only photos they are uploading are of themselves [not somebody else], and, that they are fully consenting to other users [typically cis men] posting cum tributes to said photo or images that they provide. Honestly, it’s magical and this is EXACTLY what the base concept of ethical exhibitionism is all about to me: practicing exhibitionism with consent and consideration.

Take this thread for example, the original poster has already been verified so any images she posts are of her. She opens her thread celebrating that verification, posts a picture of herself naked, and invites everybody to in turn to post pictures and/or videos of themselves ejaculating onto that original photo of her naked body. Consent is given and all those participating are doing so in an extremely hot, yet surprisingly respectful, manner!

How fucking cool is that?! THANK you, TributeMe. I’d love to see an explicitly queer version of this some day. If that already exists, PLEASE tell me cause I want to go to there.

But we’re not done! There are still other options too, like…


Post Cum Tributes of Animated or Drawn Characters

Seriously. There is literally an endless supply of sexy fictional characters out there from video games, animated movies/shows, anime, comic books, graphic novels, etc. that you can cum all over and post those gloriously messy pictures all over the internet to your hearts desires.

Jessica Rabbit, Nightwing (mmmm Dick Grayson), Liara T’soni, Lara Croft, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Batgirl, fuckin’ Wolverine, the entire goddamn cast of World of Warcraft, etc. there are countless hand-drawn, digitized, animated, or 3D models for you to cum on and post away knowing that you’re not potentially harming a living person.

Here are some I did to Lola Bunny and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner:

You know who gets hurt by you posting a picture of your ejaculate on shirtless Bruce Wayne from the Batman comics? Nobody, because he’s not real… well, except for maybe the artists who might see their hard work being used for wank material. Sorry, illustrators and animators!

One more time for those in the back: exhibitionism can, and should, be practiced with consent and consideration.


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