Ethical Exhibitionism: Where to Find Consenting Audiences

I am an exhibitionist.

I love being watched. Slowly undressing, teasing, exposing myself, growing hard in my panties with watchful, lusting eyes on me. My hands shaking with excitement as I caress myself, exploring what feels good, working my way down to my throbbing girl cock, all the while thinking about the audience enjoying themselves as they watch me.


Of course, my exhibitionism isn’t just sexual in nature. I also just love hanging out even partially naked. I love being naked alone. I love being naked with my partner. I love being naked with friends. No sexy times necessary.

Here’s the thing, though: there is a very big difference between inviting people to watch you or look at your naked body vs. sending an unsolicited nude or just randomly exposing your flesh to somebody who hasn’t consented to seeing it (the latter would be entering sexual assault territory… in case you weren’t aware).

So, therein lies the question. How can one fulfill their exhibitionist needs and desires in an ethical and consensual way?

As somebody who has been really exploring this over the past year or so, here’s what I have found really quenches my thirst for an audience:


Extend an invitation to your friends!

Not even joking here. If you’re feeling adventurous and comfortable, sometimes just putting it out there reaps great results. [NOTE: “Putting it out there” does NOT mean randomly sending a pic of your junk to somebody who didn’t express a desire to see it, nor does it mean harassing somebody into reluctantly saying yes.]

A few weeks ago I was feeling frisky and wanted to experience the thrill of somebody seeing my nudes, so, I asked my Facebook friends if anyone was down for trading. To my pleasant surprise, there were actually a few takers!

It ended up being a really great night chatting with these friends about nudity, taking sexy selfies, what makes us feel sexy, and more. Those conversations were genuinely great to have and having them with some friends, seeing them naked, and knowing that they were looking at me naked, all made for a pretty damn good time.

As a bonus, one of the peeps who agreed has always been a REALLY big crush of mine so them sharing their nudes with me, and seeing mine, was so damn hot. Seriously.

Of course, it’s never a guarantee that any of your Facebook friends are going to want your sexy pics. All that depends on everything from timing to the comfort of your pals.

But hey… you never know, right? *suggestive wink*


Start your own sex blog.

Before starting this MxNillin site, there was a brief time when I had a Tumblr blog where I posted all my most explicit selfies and nudes. I’m talking full on masturbation pics, anal play, cum play, the works. And it was great! I met some really cool people who were sex workers, educators, and bloggers, all while enjoying the trill of being watched by countless followers and random viewers.

Eventually, I decided it wasn’t what I wanted right now and shifted my focus to this platform instead. However, I will always look back fondly on the few months I spent mingling with Tumblr’s massive community of sex and body positive artists, kinksters, and bloggers.

The one thing I would mention is that Tumblr has kind of a passive-aggressive approach to sex bloggers that use the site. Since 2013, they have removed the erotica category, disabled search function for all adult tags, removed adult Tumblr pages from the site’s internal search functions. Makes it really hard to find likeminded people and pages when you are first starting out. It’s pretty shitty, actually… but once you find that first person you really dig, it’s easy to branch out from there to connect with others.

Also, thank you, google. Type in any adult terms you’re interested in + tumblr and you’ll be well on your way. For example: queer sex tumblr.


Submit nudes anonymously.

If you don’t want to commit to running your own blog but still want to get your nudes out to an audience, there are a lot of Tumblr pages and sites out there that are always looking for submissions. Find one that you feel comfortable with and edit your pic to be as anonymous as you want it to be. For an extra layer of anonymity, consider utilizing a service like Mailinator; which allows you to create a 1-time use, disposable email for submitting your pics with no link to you personally.

For any trans, genderqueer, non-binary, agender, or gender diverse readers who might want to take this avenue, I strongly suggest Transqueersxxx. The blog has been around since 2011, is ran by really awesome gender diverse people, and operates as a safe space for other gender diverse folk to express and share their sexuality with other members of the community. I’ve submitted here several times with thoroughly positive experiences. Plus, between all of my submissions I got several hundred notes from peeps enjoying my nakedness, so the audience is definitely there!

[NOTE: If you are very concerned about your identity, make sure to follow the instructions already mentioned above and also consider the background details of your photos.

For example: have you taken a lot of everyday pictures or filmed video in your living room, which would be recognizable to your friends or anyone else who may follow your social media presence? If so, taking nudes in that room may lead to people in your life finding them someday. Consider shooting in a different room instead.

If you decide on someplace like your bedroom, be mindful of any personal photos that may be visible in the background of your sexy selfie and think about changing or removing your bed-sheets. Again, this attention to detail will improve how anonymous your picture submission really is.]

Take the below photo for example…

Note the black and white filter to take out colors, the simple backdrop of the corner of what could be any room, no visible face, no noticeable tattoos or piercings, etc. This could be anybody’s butt! I mean… it’s mine… but… it COULD be anybody’s!

Anyway, these are just a few suggestions for getting down with your exhibitionist self in, what I feel are, ethical ways. Have fun, BUT be respectful and considerate.

Are there any other ideas that you would suggest? Leave a comment!

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