My Fucket List: The Sex I Want in 2018

Last December I posted a small list of 6 sexual things I wanted to experience before 2017 was through, which included stuff like doing a cam show, getting spitroasted, hosting a masturbation party, and getting a POV picture of me sucking somebody’s cock. Fuck yeah, right? Fuck yeah! Well, except that almost none of them happened…

And yet, 2017 still turned out to be a pretty fucking outstanding year for sex.

I started a comedy sex feature called Mx Nillin Fucks where I tried using a bunch of things not designed for sexy-times as masturbation sleeves. My partner, Falon, started getting involved in the blog a lot more. And we had a really great threesome with a friend back in May, then we hooked up with our best friend Kate just last month and have a pretty sweet FWB thing going on with her now.

Of course that’s not including all the great sexting, mutual masturbation, and exciting outdoor sex that happened over the last 12-months too. I also got my first ever double blowjob not too long ago!

Still, even with things being pretty dang awesome, it’s always fun to fantasize about the specific types of sex you’d like to have some day. So, here are 6 sexual things that I hope to experience in 2018!


1. Camping Sex

I’ve never been camping. Not ever. And when I told Falon and Kate about this not too long ago they both insisted that we all go camping together this year. They also happened to mention about how wicked outdoor camping sex is and now I can’t stop fantasizing about tent threesomes!


2. Get Strap-On Fucked

My asshole has been fingered plenty of times, and I’ve used some pretty great dildos and plugs on it, but I’ve never been just right fucked nice a good by somebody wearing a strap-on. I want it. Bad. And I know that Falon wants to give it to me, sos fingers crossed on this being the year we can afford to buy them their dream cock!


3. Experiment Even More With Eating My Own Cum

Don’t get me wrong, I ate a lot of my own cum in 2016. Falon even jerked me off onto a plate of spaghetti and I devoured it.

But this year I want to take it to the next level. Like, I want to drizzle my cum on a big fucking slice of black forest cake. I want to see what it tastes like with ice cream. I want to mix it into as many different kinds of meals as I can.

Hell, I want use it as the creamer for my fucking coffee! Let’s DO this!


4. Fuck Myself With My Own Girl Cock

Now just, hang on… hear me out here. Ever since I found out that the clone-a-willy exists, which allows you to make a mold of your penis and create a sex toy of it, I have wanted to get it so that I can clone mine. Not so that I can give it to somebody else. No, no, no… I want to make a mold of my girl cock so that I can fuck myself with it.

In fact, I’m so pumped about this that I want to make it into a future segment of Mx Nillin Fucks! It’ll be “Mx Nillin Fucks… Themself!”

Now, can somebody PLEASE gift me a couple clone-a-willy’s so that I can make this happen?


5. Fuck In The Rain

I’ve had sex during thunderstorms before… indoors… but what I REALLY want to try out some time this spring or summer is having sex during a thunderstorm… OUTDOORS.

Okay, it doesn’t even have to be a big storm. Just, doing something naughty outside while it’s raining would be the bee’s knees.


6. Do Significantly More Pet Play

I LOVE pet play. It turns me on like no other. In late 2016 I even bought myself a really high-quality tail and ears set to wear and enjoy… yet I hardly used them throughout 2017.

Falon took some really hot pics of them walking me around our bedroom on a leash in January and then… that was it.


How shitty is that!? Despite really loving it, and being a self-identified queer furry, I’ve wasted a full year struggling with brutal, self-inflicted kink shaming about it all. That’s a full fucking year of denying myself those pleasures. Why?

No more of that self-shaming shit! Going forward, I fully intend to really embrace, explore, and enjoy my kinks.


What sexual experiences do you hope to have in 2018?

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