Queer & Trans Inclusive

As a queer & enby individual myself, I recognize the need for positive spaces & resources that challenge sexual stigma & shame.

Ethical Exhibitionism

I LOVE having an audience for my sluttiness; but exhibitionism should always be practiced with consent and consideration.

Kink Friendly

I used to harbor a lot of negative, ignorant, opinions of people’s kinks. No longer! Please join me as I explore all the kinks, fetishes, and types of play out there.


Content that challenges and works toward change.

This blog strives to be queer & trans inclusive, pleasure focused, sex positive, kink friendly, anti-racist, and anti-ableist, at all times. Should a post contain language you find goes against these values, please bring your concerns to me directly at nillinnow@gmail.com.

Honest, sex positive reviews.

All of my reviews strive to be honest, sex positive, informative, and accessible to as many readers as possible. If you are a performer, worker, artist, creator, or producer making queer & trans porn, erotica, or art, looking for genuine feedback on your product, please contact me for review opportunities!