How Do I Sexy? Workshop Companion

Thank you for attending “How Do I Sexy?: A Sexuality Affirming Workshop for Queer, Trans, and Enby Folks“, hosted by OUTSaskatoon and Gender Revolution as part of YXE Trans Visibility Week 2018. Here you will find all of the articles and resources we discussed together, separated by topic:


Self-Care & Queer Body Positivity

Below is a number of links to resources right here on the blog, as well as pieces from other queer and trans bloggers writing about their relationships with their body.


Shibari & Rope Bondage

Below you will find some general information on Shibari and rope bondage, as well as tie guides, safety tips, and shops to purchase rope.


Pet Play Gear & Resources

The following links will bring you to reputable pet play gear sellers, as well as some 101 introductory guides.


Ethical Toys

These are all the adult shops that I strongly recommend, as well as some information articles on how to find other stores that are most likely to sell quality, body safe products.


Trans & Queer Positive Porn

Simply put: watching porn ethically means not watching it on tube sites. Literally every single major tube site out there (PornHub, XNXX, RedTube, etc.) consists of videos that are often uploaded WITHOUT the consent of the performers and creators. As such, sex workers lose a LOT of money, and struggle to make a living, the more that people watch their stolen content on tube site. Especially queer and trans performers.

That being said, I also understand that we don’t all have a lot of disposable income for buying porn, which is totally understandable. In that case, I highly recommend checking out Tumblr. There are a lot of queer folks who run personal sex blogs and upload their own free, original material.


Other Articles and Resources You May Find Useful

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