Taking Care of Myself In More Ways Than One

[CW: this post contains sexually explicit images]

While I left off my last lewds post in good spirits, it’s been another rough couple of weeks and I’m honestly feeling really down again. Why? Because for the third fucking time this year Fal and I had to have our fucking apartment sprayed for bed bugs.

When we moved in here we NEVER thought we’d have to worry about this shit, especially with us being on the third floor. Alas, it’s a 106-year-old building that we’ve since come to learn has been having these problems on and off for a couple of years now.

Anyway, if you’ve never had to do bed bug prep, consider yourself fucking lucky! It requires you to take ALL of your art or photos from the walls, remove everything form all of your furniture, pack up all of your belongings in plastic bins or garbage bags, and then pile all of it in the middle of each room, 18 inches from every wall. It’s mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting and I’ve been hurting for weeks. My sleep is all fucked up, my body aches, I’m stressed about them still being around… flat out: this has been a fucking nightmare.

But this past weekend Fal and I went over to Kate’s place to hang out and cuddle, which made a huge difference because it’s always really uplifting for me just being with my partners like that. While there though I also decided to have a quick shower… which happened to last for an hour and a half. It was fucking glorious!

I don’t know what came over me. As soon as I felt the warm water cascade onto me, wetting my hair and relaxing my sore muscles, I just couldn’t imagine getting out.

I closed my eyes, affectionately massaged my head as I shampooed my hair, then gently and playfully teased my body before slowly lathering myself up with soap…

I forgot how great it felt to caress my balls all covered in bubbles and hold my girl cock as it grows thicker and harder, literally dripping wet down my hot thighs. Masturbation is always a good time but shower masturbation? Holy fuck is that even better!

Taking that time to really look after myself, in more ways than one, was just what I needed!

I’ll never take a warm shower for granted again.



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