Mx Nillin Fucks… Themself! Part Two

CW: this post contains sexually explicit images of girl cock, and butt stuff.

After a few days break we’re back to the sixth (and a half?) installment of Mx Nillin Fucks, officially bringing Year One of this series to a close! A couple of days ago, I began the glorious journey toward fulfilling my long-standing fantasy of fucking my ass with my own girl cock by making an exact replica of it using a Hot Pink Silicone Penis Casting Kit provided to me by Clone-A-Willy.

Well, my clone dick is done and I have some fucking thoughts, y’all!  But before we get into them, if you missed the first part of this post, consisting of me making a mold of my penis, be sure to read “Mx Nillin Fucks… Themself! Part One“.

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Alright, enough rambling, we all know why you’re here… you’re here to see pics of my girl cock next to the silicone replica, then to read about how it felt to do myself in the butt with it. Let’s do this!


How’d the Replica Girl Cock Turn Out?


Like, this thing looks JUST like my goddamn girl cock. In fact, I’m fairly confident that it’s identical and that’s so un-fucking-believable to me that I’m just gonna call it what it actually is: fucking wizardry witchcraft!

I’m sure there’s a science to it, but I just don’t care to understand it. Okay!?

And everything that I don’t care to understand is wizardry witchcraft, goddammit. [Fuck you, wizardry. Fucking patriarchal magic bullshit. #fuckyeahwitches #witchesrule]

Am I ranting? YES, I’m ranting. Yes, I’m ranting, and yes, fuck wizardry, okay I’m stopping now… let’s get to the girl cock and witchcraft produced clone cock:

I mean, just look at this! The amount of detail here is surreal. It captured everything that makes my girl cock uniquely mine. My slightly off-center frenulum, the shape of my glans, the soft ridge of my circumcision scar. Hell, it even picked up each of the more prominent veins.

While I’ve held, and looked at, my girl cock countless times before, never have I been able to get to know it this closely.

It’s fucking bizarre, but I love it.

Truly, I do.

I love it so much that at the end of the month my partners and I actually plan to buy another kit with extra molding powder and silicone! While my nesting partner, Falon,  was there with me when I made the mold this time, our partner Kate wasn’t able to be a part of that process and we really want to include her in the experience. Besides, as you can see in the following pic, I wasn’t fully erect and I’d really like to try for a replica that is.

Also, Fal has always wanted their own packer and would like to make one of a mold of my flaccid girl cock, so, we’re going to do that too.

If you can’t tell yet, I highly fucking recommend doing this if simply just for the fucking fun of it.

But now for the big question…


What Is It Like to Fuck?

Fucking mind-blowing!

Fal has always told me that my girl cock is perfectly sized and shaped for comfortable anal. My negative self-talk always used to convince me that they were just saying that to make me feel good about my penis, but now that I’ve actually felt it inside my ass I can honestly say that they were fucking right!

It is perfectly sized and shaped for butt stuff. Like, it’s substantial but not painful, and it hits my prostate in just the right way to make jerking off while using it feel fucking amazing. The whole time I was just dripping pre-cum like a goddamn tap and the orgasm… outstanding.

That’s right! For the first time in this series I actually fucking ejaculated from something!

So, with that in mind, 10 out of fucking 10, y’all!

This is now, officially, the gold fucking standard for Mx Nillin Fucks.

From beginning to end this has been the most fun I’ve had in the series yet and I now have months worth of sexy play ideas for Fal, Kate, and I to explore. In fact, we already had a great time with the clone cock just this past weekend as Kate indulged in her love of power play by making me watch her give it a blowjob for an hour-and-a-half while I squirmed in my seat (so goddamn hot).

Now her and Fal are excited to take turns blowing it and fucking it, then both riding me to really compare the clone girl cock to the real thing. [Aside: MY LIFE IS FUCKING AWESOME!]

That being said, if I was on my own doing this without anybody else helping me, or involved in playing with it afterward, I’m not entirely sure if I’d have been this sold on it. The thought of trying to mix the mold solution, get and maintain an erection, set a timer, and put your dick in the tube while the mold hardens, all by yourself, doesn’t sound very fun to me and I’m confident it would not have turned out as well as it did with my partner Fal being there.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has been reading, sharing, and engaging with the Mx Nillin Fucks series. Though year one is now over, now we have a new year to look forward to!

What have been your favorite things about the series so far, and what do y’all want to see going forward?

More food fucking? More butt-fucking unique stuff?

Sound off in the comments below!


This post was sponsored by Clone-A-Willy, however, the writing, opinions, and foul language are 100% Mx Nillin.


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