Mx Nillin’s Monthly Refap: August 2017

August was a pretty chill month. Not a lot went on, really. I wrote a few posts, and finally fucked that pool noodle, but mostly I played a ridiculous amount of Battlefield 1 and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

My partner and I have also been pretty preoccupied with plans to move, so, just a heads up that new content might be on the slow side for the next couple of months as we scout out a new place, get all packed up, and get the hell outta this toxic town… more on that below.

Anyway, here’s the refap for a relatively quiet month!


Blog Related Stuff

In case you missed some, here’s all the new blog content from August 2017:

Three Lessons I Learned When One of My Favorite Sex Workers Retired; a post lamenting the loss of an adult content creator I really valued, and how I plan to further support other creators I love.

Mx Nillin Fucks… A Pool Noodle!; the long overdue 4th installment comes just in time for the end of summer season… but do I come with it? Read to find out!

Mx Nillin Fucks… None of These Things!; mostly for a laugh, but also to set some boundaries, here are a handful of things that my girl cock will NOT be penetrating for this series.

Calling All Queer Erotic Furry Femboy Artists; in my pursuit to understand why it is that the furry community seems to be such a huge conduit for expressions of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity, I put a call out for queer identified erotic furry artists interested in speaking with me for interview pieces.

Talking self-Expression, Queer Furrys, and Sex Positive Comics with SalKitten; check out this interview with SalKitten, the first queer identified erotic furry artist to be highlighted on the blog as we talk about identity, expression, consent, communication, and pleasure.


Sexphobic Policies, Intense Sex Dreams, Outdoor Fucking, and Street Harrassment.

  • I started a Fur Affinity page! And then I discovered that for a site that hosts, and often profits from, some of the most sexually explicit erotic furry art you could possibly hope to find on the internet… they sure do have a shitty, sexphobic Acceptable Upload Policy that arbitrarily bans everything from genital bulges to bras under “indecent” photographs.


  • My partner and I have long fantasized about fucking outside on the side steps of the house that we rent and this month we FINALLY got to do it. It was fucking awesome!


  • I’ve been having a LOT of intense sex dreams this month. I’m talking, like, vivid, extremely hardcore sex dreams. I don’t know what’s going on there but a few nights ago I had one about my best friend giving me a blowjob in her living room and woke up with a rock hard girl cock as I was mid sleep humping my pillow. What the fuck, brain?!


  • Yet another instance of street harassment near the end of the month gave me plenty to think about. I was at a crosswalk when a truck stopped for me, so, I took a few steps across the road when suddenly the passenger in the truck yells “that ain’t no fucking girl!” I look up, make eye contact with the driver, and I could literally see the disgust creep across his face as he mouths something obscene at me then puts his truck into drive and blasts through the crosswalk just in front of me. There’s something extra shitty about watching somebody as they stare you down and quickly change their opinion of your worth as a human being the instant that they recognize you as being queer. Now, I could brush this sort of thing off it only happened every now and then, but this sort of shit goes down EVERY time I go out. And the long term effects of that over the past couple of years has really done a number on my mental health and wellness. We need out of here ASAP and, if you are a vulnerable minority in a relatively small town or community with similar experiences of harassment, get out if you can. It is NOT your responsibility to educate or change the bigoted, harmful behaviors of an entire community that is unwilling to change. Get out and go someplace that helps you feel happier and healthier, even if it isn’t perfect either.


More Cool Stuff

The month began with me longingly watching members of the blogsquad pack for, travel to, and then enjoy the Sexual Freedom Summit; all while wishing I could be there with them. But I got to live vicariously through everyone’s excellent tweets. Also, a good friend attending the conference got consent to video chat my partner and I in to watch Taylor J. Mace fist Sugarcunt in their hotel room!

Absolutely everything about Double Maximus’ twitter feed.

This awesome feature interview with Epiphora and Dangerous Lilly for She Vibe, which includes a genuinely awesome comic book interpretation of them both!

There is a Blogsquad social & professional slack group opening up for anyone who has a personal sex blog that has been in operation for at least 3-months. Contact Mary Q. Contrary with any questions you have, or to be added to the group.

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