Mx Nillin’s Monthly Refap: February 2017

Not a whole lot to cover this month. Just a couple of blog posts, bragging about my new sex toys, a new favorite selfie, and a brief look ahead to my plans to stick my girl cock into things so that you don’t have to! [See 2nd section]


Blog Related Stuff

February was pretty chill around these parts. Aside from last month’s extra-large Monthly Refap there are only two new posts to check out:


Sex Swag, Butt Stuff, Porn Comics, and My Plan to Fuck a Whole Bunch of Weird Stuff

  • So, part of my internship for the CSPH includes writing a review for a sex toy or some sort of sexual product. I was expecting to get just one product, the Orca Large from exotic Erotics (which has become a legend of sorts among CSPH interns gossiping over who might end up getting it), but instead I got a package FILLED with over $500.00 worth of product to enjoy! I’m talking butt plugs, lube, condoms, a masturbation sleeve, AND the orca… booya!!
  • Needless to say, with so many plugs and the Orca Large to play with, my ass has been very happy! I’d also just like to take a moment to say how proud I am of myself for being able to take nearly all of the orca toy already. I didn’t think I could take much of it but… my ass devoured that toy.
  • I’ve been really hooked on sex comics lately. Mainly furry stuff, femboy comics, some monstergirl porn, and public fucking comics. If you’re looking for some porn great sex comics check out some of my recent faves: Behind the Scenes [queer furry femboys], Savor the Flavor [queer furry femboys],  Diving for Pearls [furry lesbian sex comic], Public Training [public disgrace/exhibitionism/outdoor sex], and  To The Pervert’s Husband [public oral and group sex in the park].
  • Finally, in the spirit of the 1999 classic movie American Pie, starting in March I’m gonna start masturbating with ridiculous shit so that you don’t have to! I’m talking warm apple pie, warmed up cantaloupe with a hole cut in it, plushies, a PB & J sandwich, whatever. I’ll buy it, masturbate with it, then I’ll right about how it feels, what the cleanup was like, and whether or not I’d recommend it as something you should try out!


Mx Nillin’s Lewds & Nudes of the Month

Below is a pic of me holding the Orca Large toy I got from the CSPH.

If you’d like to see NSFW images of me playing with and riding the toy, you can find them on the Nudes and Lewds page.

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