Mx Nillin’s Monthly Refap: July 2017

[CW: image at the end shows NSFW image of a cute enby babe cover in their own semen]

It has been so fucking hot out y’all. Like, the vast majority of the last month in Saskatchewan has actually seen near historic highs of 35-40 degrees Celsius on average and where I live we experienced literally the hottest and driest July ever on record.

Yet despite this, I actually managed to ramp up productivity during the latter half of the month!


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In case you missed some, here’s all the new content on


Backyard Nudes, Buying Porn From Friends, A Taste for Erotica, and Fem Beards.

  • As part of the erotica chapter I wrote this month my partner took some fun lewd pics of me in our car parked out back of the place we rent. It was hot and sweaty out, and taking those pics in the early evening while neighbors went about yard work on the other side of fences was SUPER exciting. 
  • Speaking of erotica: I’m kinda hooked now! So, not only is chapter 2 of the prairie queers story in the works, but I’m also writing a story inspired by sex talk with and fantasies about a friend. Know what the best part about it is? She knows that I’m writing it, has consented to being involved in the piece, is excited to read it, and she even picked her character’s name! 
  • Earlier in the month my partner and I bought porn from good friends of ours who sell clips on Amateur Porn. We’ve been pretty close with them for a while and watching a hardcore sex video of them was seriously hot af. Keep an eye out for a post on more feels about that later!
  • I’ve purposely been trying to shave less often lately. For two reasons, really: 1. I’m fucking cute af and I’m tired of my facial hair making me feel less attractive, and, 2. I fucking hate shaving. So, I’m kinda all about finding where I feel best with stubble going on. Test selfies incoming to Twitter over the next couple of weeks!


More Cool Stuff

Taylor J. Mace at Feisty Fox Films always publishes outstanding content but the posts they were putting out last month REALLY got me in the feels. Specifically their pieces The Blogsquad, Making Conferences More Welcoming, and having crushes on your friends were hands down some of my favorite summer reads.  

One of my all-time favorite sex comics online is Alfie from InCase and I hadn’t really read it much this year so last week I caught up on, like, two Chapters and holy shit hot damn… if you haven’t read it before then you should seriously get the fuck on that. Here’s where it all begins: Chapter 1.

All my sex blogger friends are heading off to the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit and I am feeling simultaneously fucking stoked for them, and also sad that I’m not there. Please, everyone, have the best time and take all of the pictures!

I’m kinda all about this lewd Winnie the Pooh art right now.

Also, these Nintendo babes in cat keyhole bras & bikinis.


Sexy Selfie of the Month

Throwback lewd to that time I came all over my own face and dress then took cute facial selfies.

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