Mx Nillin’s Monthly Refap: November 2016

This was a month of some pretty intense ups and downs. It was simultaneously my most productive to date in terms of content generation, and also the most devastating as I saw 9-months of hard work go up in flames just last week. Now I’m in the process of rebuilding my site from the ground up, while also anticipating another hosting service move in January. Ugh.

Anyway, be sure to read through to the end, where you’ll find my favorite slutty picture of me this month… well, my favorite that doesn’t involve fully exposed girl cock, at least.


Blog Related Stuff

Things started off pretty great, I was getting up a post every 4-5 days and I felt like each of them was really solid! But then my blog was permanently suspended and I had to spend the vast majority of the later part of the month trying to salvage whatever I could. Long story short, I’m now self-hosting here at and I’m basically starting over. New posts will be going up every Monday and Thursday, with Monday updates being brand new content never published before and Thursday updates being re-posts from the original wordpress blog. Read the full story here.


Sex Ed Stuff

My Fall internship at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH) is quickly coming to a close. While I did apply to continue for another semester into Spring 2017, I haven’t heard for sure whether or not I’ll be back. Should I not be accepted to continue in Spring of 2017, I hope to still volunteer and/or contribute to the CSPH in some form. But this does have me thinking, whether it is right now, or in a few more months, my internship time with the CSPH will end and when it does… what do I do next?

It’s a big question. One that I haven’t really thought about since beginning my internship a couple of months ago in September. I guess the real question is: where do I want to be with all of this and how do I plan on getting there?

Anyway, this month my writing and website intern work included doing the Week in Review for November 4th, as well as a Word of the Week post on “Netflix and Chill“. I wish I had done more but it was a tough month that ultimately required me to balance things the best I could.


Kinkly’s Top 100, Oh Joy Sex Toy, Cocksucking, and Awesome Threesomes

– The month kicked off with me learning that I had been ranked at #6 for New Blogs of the year, and #35 overall, in Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes 2016 contest. While there has been a lot of completely valid criticism of the contest, it still felt nice to be recognized and included among so many inspiring writers.

– While this could technically have been included in the Sex Ed Stuff section above because it concerns a post I wrote for the CSPH blog… it’s just so fuckin’ cool I really wanted it to stand out on its own! I had the AWESOME opportunity to interview Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, creators of Oh Joy Sex Toy, about the release of Volume 3 of their collected work and an upcoming coloring book. Eeeeee!

– Once again I was invited back to the #SexEdPornReviews panel to live tweet about a couple more queer porn shoots from Crash Pad Series. Episode 226 (featuring Max Madame and Barbary Rose) had outstanding spanking, chest hitting, sub/dom talk, and a surprising amount of cum play, while Episode 227 (featuring Scout and Lew Pine) proved to be a pretty revolutionary watch for me as it showcased incredibly hot sex between genderqueer folk with all of their clothes on.

– Group sex fucking rocks! About mid-month my partner and I invited our beautiful fem friend over and things just kinda led to the three of us heading to the bedroom. My partner and I sucked our guest’s girl cock, then the two of them then gave me an intense double blowjob, and my partner masturbated between our guest and I. Honestly, I forgot how much I love sucking cock. And girl cock is SO much better. Hers was just so thick and soft, and feeling her finish all over my mouth and face as my partner watched… hot damn! We enjoyed our time together so much that we invited her over again, just this past weekend, and the three of us played in a whole bunch of new ways. Highlight of the second threesome was when my partner and our friend held me down and gave me multi-orgasms, then a messy ejaculation, through frenulum stimulation with the Shibari Wand.


Nillin’s Slutty Selfie of the Month

Those who read my frenulum stimulation post earlier in the month [it will be re-posted here on Dec 1st] might recognize this pic from the piece. Many a sexy selfies were taken over the past few weeks but this one was my fave of the relatively safe-for-work ones.


Thank you for sticking with me through this really crappy period of losing the blog and starting over. Will see you next month with a ton of new, and returning, content to!

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