My Favorite Nudes and Lewds of 2017!

While 2016 was pretty revolutionary for me in terms of becoming more body positive and sex positive toward myself, this year saw some setbacks, sadly. Street harassment and abuse never got any better for my partner, Falon, and I, which resulted in us both isolating a lot and I generally wasn’t feeling very sexy overall.

But I’m still hot as fuck and with just a few weeks left to the year I’m gonna take a few moments here to appreciate my sexiness.

So, here are my 15-ish favorite NSFW pics taken by Fal, from 2017!


1. Pet Play

In the first week of September 2016 I ordered this adorable tail, ears, and collar set from Kitten’s Playpen. Unfortunately, it took nearly 3-months, filled with empty promises of it “shipping soon”, to get here and when I contacted customer services to complain they made a bunch of excuses, blamed me for ordering it at a bad time (it was “ready made” and early September…), sneakily went back and altered their policy pages, and basically gaslit me about the whole thing.

So that was garbage.

BUT, when I finally did get the set it was gorgeous and my partner, Falon, took a bunch of sexy as fuck pet play photos of me in early January during which they walked me around our bedroom on a leash, commanded me to cum in a pet food bowl, then made me lick the bowl clean.

Based on my experience with Kitten’s Playpen I’ll likely not buy anything from them again, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend ordering from them at all between the months of fucking August and December, but I am happy with the product… and these slutty pics!


2. Sex Toys, Oh My!

Early on in 2017 I also got my first ever fantasy cock, which has been a fun go to for me ever since. I was so excited about having it that I opened it up, sat it on our dining room table, and just stared at it for a bit.

And that’s where this adorable photo came from!


3. The Orca Large

In February, as part of my internship with the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH), I received a big care package of condoms, sex toys, lube, and other little gifts. Among them was the Orca Large from Exotic Erotics, which I got to keep free of charge under the condition that I use it and write a review for the CSPH’s website.

This thing was fucking BIG, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to fuck myself with it… but of course I did, cause my ass is a hungry bitch! BEHOLD!!!


4. Mx Nillin Fucks… Apple Pie!

Here’s where it all started! The first, ever Mx Nillin Fucks.

While these were a lot of fun to take, it was also daunting as fuck. I let that apple pie cool as for a very, very good amount of time but here’s the thing: pie doesn’t hold heat evenly. So, the whole thing was a pretty awkward, sticky, exhausting experience throughout which I was just trying not to burn my fucking cock.

Love the pictures though!


5. Mx Nillin Fucks… Jell-O!

After the first post I put up a poll for what people wanted me to fuck next and Jell-O won by a landslide… assholes. Again, the pictures turned out great but it… was a mess. And cold… like so cold it was an instant erection killer, y’all haha. Look at this girl cock shrivel!


6. Girl Cock on the Road

Okay, well, more like “girl cock in my parked car behind the suite I was renting last summer”. Fal and I needed to take a lewd picture for my first queer erotica post here, Little Queers on the Prairies – Chapter One: Cumming to Hays, and it needed to be in our car cause it was all about road head and highway masturbation. So, out we went on a Sunday afternoon and I super secretly lifted up my dress, got myself hard, and we got the picture as quickly as we could.

It was fucking hot, and I think the photo turned out great!


7. That Booty, Though!

I took a lot of really hot booty pics in 2016, whereas this year there were significantly less. But there were still a few, so, rounding out this year’s best lewds list is my glorious, delicious ass.


Happy lewd photo taking to you all in 2018!


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