I’m an Intern with the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health!

Things are happening! Big things!

Several weeks ago I took a chance and applied to the distance internship program offered by The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health (CSPH).

I’d heard a lot about the organization through various sex workers, bloggers, and educators over the last couple of years and I was actually interested in the internship program this past spring…  but I wasn’t quite confident enough to apply for it at the time.

Having spent much of this summer exploring the radical queer porn content at Crash Pad Series, as well as participating in their Sex Ed Porn Reviews feature, and writing a guest post for their blog, I’ve been feeling super empowered and motivated to really broaden my knowledge of sexual education. Specifically, I have been very focused on topics surrounding sexual pleasure (which is super important to sexual health IMHO) and the lack of inclusive resources, guidance, or education for queer and trans individuals.

So, going with this newfound ambition I applied to the CSPH and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve accepted an offer to begin interning with them starting at the end of this month! I’ve been placed with their editorial and education teams to produce website content, as well as help create lesson plans, webinars, and other educational development resources.

I’m incredibly excited to have been afforded this opportunity. I cannot wait to work with those involved at the CSPH, to help contribute to the incredible work that they already do, and to learn all that I can from their passionate staff, volunteers, and the community that they serve.

This experience will allow me to greatly expand my knowledge of sexuality and to develop the skills necessary for me to be able to provide sex education, resources, guidance and support to my hometown; as well as other rural communities all across Southern Saskatchewan.

Thank you to my partner Falon for all of the love and support, as well as to my friends and community for all of the encouragement that you’ve given me. I’d also like to thank Jiz Lee, as well as everybody at Crash Pad series, for and broadening my perspectives on sexuality. These next few months are going to be amazing!

You can keep up with the work I’ll be doing with the CSPH by following their social media on Facebook and @TheCSPH on Twitter. I’ll also be posting a lot of my own content here, as well as on my Twitter account @MxNillin.

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