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Main Topic Categrories

Queer & Trans: a category of posts that focuses exclusively on generating content for queer, trans, non-binary, genderqueer, and gender nonconforming folks.

Let’s Get Personal: posts that highlight my personal experiences a queer, non-binary, non-monogamous sex blogger and activist. You’ll read lots about my personal sex life, my gender identity/expression, my transition, sexting habits, favorite queer porn, sex comics I love, and more.

Mx Nillin Fucks: a post series in which I stick my girl cock inside a wide variety of inanimate objects, mostly foods so far, as masturbatory aids and then write about how good or bad it feels.

Polyamory: posts about navigating life, love, sex, queerness, and closets with my partners, Fal and Kate.

Furry Sex: posts centering on furry porn, sex comics, and other forms of anthropomorphic erotica.


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