Out of a Dream; A Queer Erotica Quickie

Am I dreaming again?

Waves of pleasure radiate through my body as Kate slowly, but firmly, grinds down against me. I put my hands on her bare waist so that I can feel her hips work as she rides me. She leans her body back, letting out a moan of pleasure as I hit her g spot.

I release my grip on her side with one hand so that I can slowly caress up her soft tummy to her breasts. Then I take my time to tease her areola knowing how much it arouses her and quickly makes her sensitive nipples hard.

Just the sight of her naked body rhythmically moving, thrusting down against my pubic mound while she fucks me hard, is enough to make me edge.

My head falls back in bliss and I close my eyes for a moment to focus on just how incredible the sensation is of my girl cock completely enveloped by her warm, wet pussy. I can feel every muscle deep inside of her expand and contract around me… it makes my head spin.

A nice, cool breeze flows from the open living room window beside us reminding me that Kate is in full view of the neighboring homes across the street. I lift my head enough so that I can see outside.

It’s quiet, not a soul in sight. Nobody out for a walk. No cars driving by. No lights on in any of the homes facing hers, not even that familiar flicker of a TV set.

Nonetheless, I knew that just because I couldn’t see anyone, that didn’t mean there was nobody watching. Fuck I hope somebody was watching… and was really enjoying themself as they did…

Yet even with my senses on overload, my mind racing with fantasies of mysterious voyeurs, I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I might be dreaming.

I’m mean, I’m sure that I was just awake. I don’t remember falling asleep… but everything about this was just like something I’d dreamt a few months earlier.

In my dream, I was kissing Kate while we laid facing each other on her pullout couch. It was late, just after 2 o’clock in the morning, so both of us were in our PJs. Kate wore cozy shorts and a loose tank top, I had on some nice fitting leggings and a long nightshirt. The living room was dark save for the light blue hue of moonlight pouring in through a single open window with the curtain pulled aside.

Kate snuggled up close and and put her leg over mine so that she could hump my thigh while I caressed hers. Her lips were so soft and tender against mine and when our tongues met, they passionately curled around each other as we moaned.

But Kate wanted an even more pleasureable position, so she pushed me onto my back then climbed on top, taking care to position herself so that my girl cock lay perfectly between her labia… pressing against her pulsing clit. Even through the double layers of her PJ shorts and my leggings, I could feel how incredibly fucking wet she was. We stayed like that for a long while, both our PJ bottoms getting soaked with pre-cum and pussy juice as Kate literally used me as her own personal sex toy.

Finally, she couldn’t just hump me anymore. She put one foot down to the side of me, pushed herself up, then pulled aside her soaked shorts while I quickly pulled my leggings down too. The instant my hands came up Kate grabbed my firm, warm, throbbing girl cock and slid herself down on it with an excited moan.

And there, in her living room, on her couch, basked in light blue moonlight spilling in with the breeze from her open window, Kate fucked me like there was no tomorrow.

It was a hell of a dream.

Kate falling forward, her hands landing on my chest in ecstasy pulls me back into the moment. Her fingertips curl up on my chest as her hips buck against me hard.

“I’m getting close,” she says.

“Oh fuck, me too,” I manage to stammer out as I grab her ass firmly with my hands, causing her to fall forward onto my chest so that her face is right next to mine. I can feel her warm breath on my neck, her hands grabbing onto both my shoulders as I thrust my girl cock deep inside of her dripping wet pussy.

She gasps, then let’s out a deep moan and I know that she’s only seconds away from orgasming now… and so am I.

Suddenly she pushes herself up so that every inch of me is inside of her and her swollen clit is rubbing firmly right at the base of my girl cock. Intense pleasure suddenly cascades through my body. I throw my hands up to grab both sides of her waist, just as she loudly gasps and throws her head back. At that exact moment, I cum hard, filling her pussy with stream after stream of warm semen as she shudders and convulses atop me.

I feel the couch beneath us start to dampen as our juices flow all over my pubic mound, then down both sides of my hips.

Kate slowly lays back down on me again, her naked body comfortably resting against mine.

“Did we just cum at the same time?” she sleepily whispers in my ear.

Before I can even answer yes, I hear her begin to softly snore.

Placing one hand on her lower back I use the other to gently rub her hair, feeling both of our heart beats finally slowing down to a normal rate.

We can clean up in a couple of minutes.

What’s the rush?


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