Mx Nillin’s Monthly Refap: April 2017

[CW: nudity, pic of girl cock at the very end of this post]

April showers bring spring colds, post nasal drip coughing fits, and chronic sinus congestion. Well, it didn’t actually rain much this month but my allergies have been going haywire nonetheless, and the last week solid was a complete write-off with me spending most of it in bed curled up in a ball.

Overall, it’s been kind of a miserable month health wise tbh. Between waking up every other night coughing due to coughing fits from incessant post nasal drip, and just generally feeling clogged up, I’m pretty grumpy, tired, and irritable at the best of times.

On the upside, I was still quite productive on the blog this month. There is also a lot coming up that I’m very excited for. Most notably, our friends with benefits from out of town are coming to visit us next weekend! My partner and I haven’t seen them in quite some time as life is busy and we’ve all be tight on travel funds. So, we’re really looking forward to spending time with them as we’ve missed them terribly. Of course we are also hoping that everybody is feeling good so that we can fuck them, because we’ve also missed that too [SO much]!


Blog Related Stuff

This month was pretty chill at the blog. I’ve had a lot of other work and responsibilities outside of Mx Nillin to focus on so a lot of the pieces written for April were more self-reflective in nature.

Okay, so as for site content, here were this month’s posts:


Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Butt Stuff, Cum Eating Goals, and My Adorable Girl Cock Bulge.

  • In the last monthly refap I mentioned that New Hope Inc. had asked me to film a short clip for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. That vid went live on their Facebook page just a couple of days ago, so, be sure to CLICK HERE and give it a watch!


  • I don’t fuck my ass nearly as much as I should. For somebody who has a lot of dildos, plugs, and lube to play with I often go weeks, sometimes even months, without busting any of that out for play times. I think a lot of it comes down to a mix of laziness and some lingering shame about the act that’s still insidiously lodged in my subconscious. But just last week I had a nice long bath with my Sleipnir (Small) from Bad Dragon and the Orca Large from Erotic Exotics and whew… I came HARD. With May being masturbation month I’m committing to spending a lot more quality time exploring my booty, prostate, along with my girl cock.


  • Speaking of masturbation month I have a few things planned. Not only will I be enjoying that “quality time “ I mentioned in my last post I also plan to eat my cum at LEAST once a day for the entirety of this month. Why? Because I love eating cum. Also, I want to experiment with shit. Like, eating different foods to change the taste of it. Then there are the claims out there that eating your own semen does wonders for your skin and can serve both as an anti-depressant and sleep aid, among other things. True? I dunno… let’s see how I feel after a month.


  • A few days ago I was wearing a some leggings and a skirt when I noticed that I had a really cute girl cock bulge going on. Naturally, I snapped a pic of it and for the remainder of the month my obsession has been wearing fem things that compliment and enhance my package. Booty shorts have been a big thing, as has NOT wearing panties. I think I want to write a post all about embracing the cock bulge for those, like me, who don’t tuck. I touched on it before in my Panty Shopping Tips for People With a Penis Who Don’t Tuck, but I feel like another post all together on bulge positivity is needed!


Slutty Pic(s) of the Month

As with previews refaps, I like to end each of these posts with my favorite lewd pic of the month. Unfortunately, I didn’t really take many nudes in April, so, here’s a quick pick of girl cock!

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4 More Awesome Hardcore Furry Femboy Porn Comics

[CW: post contains sexually explicit art]

If you read and enjoyed my first post on femboy furry sex comics back in December, and you’ve been craving some more hella hot porn art featuring furry crossdressers, traps, sissies, and futas than this one is for you!

Once again, I’d like to reiterate to any and all self-identified crossdressers, femboys, sissies, traps, etc. out there: your experiences and motivations are valid. You are worthy and this blog will always be as safe and welcoming a place to you as it is for queer and trans folk as well.

If you are a reader who is unsure of any of the terms utilized there than I would like to encourage you to read my post A Case for Traps, Sissies, Femboys, and crossdressers.

Now, onto the porn! Just like last time, the comics below were chosen because they feature one or more super cute, and sexy, furry femboys as their leads. They also do not conflate femboys with trans people, nor do they use any transphobic terminology. Plus they are hot as FUCK, ya’ll. Just saying…



Friends With Benefits by Tokifuji

Read it right on Tokifuji’s Tumblr blog here: Part 1Part 2 Part 3.

This is actually the direct follow up to Some Things Never Change, shared in the last post on femboy furry comics.  While Sora and Jang are off banging each other in the V.I.P room of that cosplay/gaming store BK, Jang’s cute tiger femboy coworker, goes tot he security room where he ends up watching them on security cam. Clancy, the handsome store security guard, catches BK being a voyeur to the scene and joins in taking a look. Naturally, it doesn’t take long before some casual voyeurism, flirting, and BK suggestively eating a chocolate bar before it is straight into the sloppy cock sucking, cum drinking, butt fucking, and handjobs.

As a bonus, and teaser to the next comic, the story ends with BK dressed up as a SUPER cute, femboy Link from Legend of Zelda as Sora and Jang return to pine over him. YAY!

Be sure to also check out this 2-page one shot comic, Pet Treats, from Tokifuji featuring a cute femboy snake and bunny furry pleasuring their master.


Beta Behave by Tanksi

Read the whole comic in a two part Tumblr post: RIGHT HERE.

This one is actually a direct follow up to another comic called Alpha Knows Best. However, unlike it’s predecessor, Beta Behave features some hardcore crossdressing and feminization play. Novus comes home to find his partner Adrian exactly where he left him, tied to a bed dressed in slutty lingerie as punishment for ambushing him with collared sex the day before. With little hesitation, he heads to their dresser where he takes out some stockings and panties, puts them on Adrian, and then begins teasing him before taking him from behind while yanking on his leash.

So it’s not so much about femboys like the other comics BUT it’s a quick read and features some really hot crossdressing and bondage so, booya.

See more from Tanks on their FurAffinity page and Tumblr blog.



Critical Success by Roanoke (formerly “Ace”)

Read it the comic on Luscious comics: RIGHT HERE.

Another with ties from the last list, Critical Success features one of my biggest furry femboy crushes, Avery, who also starred in the hot group sex comic Table for Three. This time, he finds himself playing a tabletop game with  his buddy Terry. As Avery’s character in the game is confronted by some ooze furries he quickly uses his charisma ability to turn the game from high fantasy to a hardcore fantasy threesome complete with group sex, exhibitionism, spitroasting, rimming, shape-shifting genitalia, and a double-stuffed asshole.



Sexual Appetite by Tokifuji

Read it right here on Tokifuji’s Tumblr page: Part 1 Part 2.

Another really hot femboy comic from Tokifuji who, honestly, I feel kinda has this genre of furry porn cornered with outstanding art and incredibly attractive characters. Pretty simple plot here. Jay, the adorable blonde femboy kitty, and Dean have only ever fooled around with some “midnight gropefests” but Dean has a fun idea in mind that will take their … and it all starts with bacon wrapped cock.

Needless to say things escalate quickly to deepthroating, 69ing, ass eating, and a whole lotta cum swallowing (my fave!).

For a lot more of Tokifuji’s art, including hardcore photosets and other comic projects, check out their official Tumblr artists page.

Hope you enjoy them… a LOT. *wink* Treat yourself!

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Mx Nillin Fucks… A Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Welcome to the third installment of “Mx Nillin Fucks…”, a new blog post series in which I stick my girl cock inside a wide variety of inanimate objects, mostly foods so far, as masturbatory aids and then write about how that goes. I have no idea what is or isn’t going to make me orgasm, but I’m curious to find out and I hope that you are too!

So far I’ve walked in the path of Jason Biggs by having my way with some warm apple pie, then I went the complete opposite direction and got it on with a whole lot of jell-o [28 servings to be exact]. Both were… pretty awful. The pie was super fucking stressful with all of these hot pockets of molten apple goo to navigate even after you think you’ve left it to cool for long enough. And the Jell-O? Oh god… it’s like having sex with the cold corpse of Flubber. Do NOT recommend.

Regardless, though, as much as I’ve ranted about it please know that I am having fun with this new series and I’m pretty stoked about this installment’s item due to the potential for an actual orgasm happening.

At the end of THIS posts you’ll find another poll listing other items I’m curious about penetrating. The item that gets the most votes, by next Friday April 28, 2017, will be what I buy and fuck next!

But enough of all that, let’s get to why you’re here. After the last post was a poll for what y’all wanted me to fuck next, and the results have spoken:

Dancing GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

That’s right, I’mma fuck a PB&J sandwich.


How Much Does It Cost to Fuck It?

Do you have peanut butter in your cupboard, jam in your fridge, and some bread on your counter (or frozen in your freezer)? Yes? Awesome. Then this fucktoy has already been paid for. Booya!

If you don’t have all of these ingredients then it’s off to the store with you where, unsurprisingly, costs will vary tremendously depending on the grocery chain, product brand, your location, and potential sales or discounts going on.

I am confident in saying that you can likely do this for $10 or less though; which is great when you consider that you’ll get multiple uses out of all this, only having to replenish bread as you go through it/it expires.

So, yay!

Total cost: $10-ish (Canadian) for initial bread and condiments.

NOTE: make sure that you buy the smooth peanut butter, do NOT buy chunky. Jagged chunks of nuts + your tender shaft = bad news bears. Just don’t fucking do it.


How Much Prep Will This Take?

Have you ever made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before? That much prep…

I gotta say though, This shit is an ART.

It’s all about balance. Having the right bread and the right ratio of peanut butter to jelly really will make all of the difference here in regards to everything from the overall enjoyment to clean-up afterward.

Go with the wrong kind of bread (ie; cheap no-name stuff) and that thing will be falling apart in your hands after just a couple of jerks. Have too much peanut butter on there and you’ll be tearing that bread up, PLUS struggling with clumps of the stuff stuck in your pubes. Have too much jelly and more will be oozing out onto the floor than serving as effective lubricant for your sandwich fucking session.

But with a little patience, and some trial and error, there is the potential here for some genuinely great ‘bating.


What Is It Like to Fuck?

Not that bad, actually! Like, no jokes, it felt pretty fucking great to be honest. There were legit several points I felt like I could cum from this and had I been 17 again I’d probably be splurting into this thing within moments.

I was surprised that the Wonder Bread held up pretty well. I started off thrusting into it slowly, taking my time to experiment with the best way to hold it and actually felt myself getting pretty close to an orgasm. Here’s the thing though: bread is like a sponge. It soaks up that jelly and no matter how slow you take it, eventually, it’s going to get soggy and break down.

Also, it looks fucking ridiculous. I mean, look:

That’s a dick in a sandwich… it’s just not sexy. Feels great! Looks silly as fuck… and yeah, that kinda kills the mood a bit so, I guess, don’t look at it and think of something that’s not a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

A MUCH better alternative though is french bread.

Not only is there more bread to work with but it is much heartier, easier to hold, and feels closer to being like a masturbation sleeve than anything else I’ve fucked so far in this series.

Definitely keep a lot of extra jelly on hand to reapply for lube as needed though… because you WILL need it. This shit dries up fast.

The clean-up on this is a pain in the ass too. Not only was there leaked jelly all over the floor but even with careful consideration my girl cock, lady balls, black lace panties, and tank top, were a MESS. Peanut butter everywhere, ya’ll.

So, this one didn’t get me off either. You know what though?

6 out of 10, would try fucking again.

But now it’s time to move on and vote for what I stick my girl cock in next! Don’t forget this poll closes on Friday April 28, 2017.

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