Mx Nillin’s Monthly Refap: September 2016

I’ve seen a bunch of bloggers doing this thing where at the end of each month they talk about all the stuff they did, or they share interesting things and stuff, and I thought: “hey, I can totally do that!”

So, here it is. My first ever monthly refap (hahhhh, get it?) all about the cool shit I’m doing, what kind of sex I’ve been having, how I’m currently enjoying masturbating, the kinks and fetishes I’m currently exploring, and anything else that I may have found interesting lately… be it sex related or not.

Like The Bioshock Collection coming out which was, honestly, one of the biggest big deal things for me personally this month. Because, Bioshock is incredible. That’s just science.

Anyway, let’s do this!!! [Be sure to read all the way through to the end, where I’ve included a sexy selfie for the month!]


Blog Related Stuff

NOTE: On November 24, 2016, my original blog was permanently suspended by WordPress because of their anti-porn and anti-sex work policies. Due to this, all of the blog links below are no longer functional. But, some of the below posts have been rescheduled for future Thursday updates!

My partner hand drew me an AWESOME new banner to use on this site and social media. She’s gonna digitize it soon and make a few final alterations before it gets a full launch but I am stoked and so thankful for the work. Love you, hun!

– I had a lot of posts planned out earlier in the month but some personal matters and other obligations kept me from getting to even half of them. I did manage to post a few, though!

  • Mx Nillin’s Self-Care Through Selfies 2015; a gallery and select featured images consisting of the 170+ transitions selfies I took throughout 2015 after publicly coming out as queer and trans in late 2104. [This post was removed and will not be re-posted]
  • Spice Things Up with This Lewd Sex Comic From InCase; a quick review of InCase’s short “Spicing Things Up” sex comic, recently made available online for free for the first time. [This post is currently live HERE.]
  • Where to Find the Best Furry and Pet Play Porn; some terms and definitions, as well as a very basic intro about where to look for furry, yiff, and pet play pornography. [This post is actually being entirely reworked to be a furry & pet play resources page.]

– I finally sucked it up and made a Mx Nillin Facebook page to expand my reach on social media. Be sure to like and follow it to keep up on new blog posts, to hear about my current work at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH) and Crash Pad Series, and for the occasional sexy selfie.


Sex Ed Stuff

A lot of you likely already know, but it’s still super exciting so I’m gonna talk about it again anyways! Last month ended with me finishing a two-day training program for a distance internship with the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health. I’ll be with them for the next couple of months, until December 9.

Honestly, it has been a little challenging to feel like I am a part of things, what with being all the way in Saskatchewan, Canada while they are in Rhode Island. BUT, I have made a conscious effort to connect and socialize with my fellow interns, as well as CSPH staff, on social media and this really cool message board system called Slack; which has helped immensely with making me feel more involved.

So, yay for meeting so many new, really cool people!

In terms of workload, it has been really manageable and I’ve already been able to contribute a fair amount of writing.

So far, I’ve written Week in Review posts for the week of September 2nd, week of September 16, and I just submitted one for this week (ending on September 30). I also wrote a Word of the Week post all about the sex act “muffing”, which was inspired by watching a HELLA hot scene on Crash Pad Series. Just last week I did a ghostwriting assignment on Anal Sex 101; which I won’t be getting any writing credit for butt [see what I did there?] I still had a lot of fun working on it.

I’m not sure if ghostwriting is something that I would feel comfortable doing very often, unless it paid really well, but I was happy to help out and I learned a lot!

Coming up next: tomorrow, October 1, I’ll be taking a 3-hour “Jumpstart Your Career in Sexuality” webinar.


Queer Porn, Tumblr Nudes, Cutting Off Toxic People, and the Frenulum!

Crash Pad Series invited me to participate in their #SexEdPornReviews panels for Episode 222 (featuring Joey Minx and Freya Wynn) and Episode 223 (featuring Sierra Cirque & Endza Adair). These were my 6th and 7th contribution to the Twitter based feature. Watching and tweeting about hardcore queer porn is seriously one of my greatest pleasures in life.

– My partner and I have had a guest staying with us for the last few weeks in need of support, which is totally cool, however, we really do miss being naked at home every night (our apartment is a nudist zone)… and having loud sex… and masturbating on our couch mid-day. Luckily, we’ve been able to sneak off for a couple of quickies and mutual masturbation sessions here and there, but it’s just not the same when you’re trying to stifle your moans and orgasm groans. Ugh!

– Getting girl boners in pleated or flowy skirts = not a big deal. Getting girl boners in pencil skirts or skinny jeans = ohhh shit…

– It’s an unfortunate reality for many queer and trans people that they may be disowned, cast out, and/or generally degraded by their own family after they come out. Unfortunately, that’s where I’m at. I had to make the hard decision to cut out anyone who is toxic, disrespectful, cruel, and unsupportive of me, my partner, and my life. Even if we are related by blood. No more deadnaming, no more misgendering, no more putdowns, or disparaging comments, or mocking remarks. Luckily, I have countless loving, caring, enthusiastic, and positive people that surround me here in my day to day life who I am immensely grateful to know. Family isn’t always blood. Sometimes, those you need most in your life are your close friends, peers, and fellow queers. I love you guys, thank you for everything!

– After a friend shared their secret (and unbelievable hot) Tumblr sex blog with me (you know who you are you magnificent creature xoxo), I couldn’t stop thinking about my old Tumblr sex blogs where I used to drop my lewdest of nudes. I REALLY had fun on Tumblr… letting my slut flag fly unrestrained was super empowering, exciting, and just generally a lot of fun. I actually thoroughly regret having deleted them, especially for what now feels like the wrong reasons. Boo. Lesson learned.

– Speaking of friends, and my old sex blogs, I found a folder FULL of really explicit nudes I took last fall so, naturally, offered them to any of my Facebook friends who wanted to trade; and there were takers! It always pleasantly surprises just me how many friends actually want to see me naked and share their own nudes. Casual nudity, threesomes, masturbating, and sexting with friends has become a pretty consistent thing for my partner and I… and I love it.  And may I just say: HOT DAMN do I have sexy friends!

– Earlier this month I quietly resigned as Chair of the Board of Directors for Moose Jaw Pride. It honestly just came down to feeling as though my values, interests, and goals no longer aligned with the organization, and feeling that I was needed elsewhere. So, it was time to move on! I’m looking forward to really giving attention to my passions surrounding pleasure inclusive, queer and trans focused sex education.

– I’m obsessed with stimulating my frenulum while masturbating now. In fact, I’m usually rubbing that spot more than I am stroking my girl cock, now. My partner has also been including it in handjobs and blowjobs she gives me. It feels amazing and I’m kinda sad that the sensations are a relatively new discovery (so many wasted years of full-body pleasure shivers). If you are a person who has a penis, and you aren’t playing with your frenulum, or you don’t know what or where that is, treat yourself to finding and exploring it.


Nillin’s Slutty Selfie of the Month

Now, let’s talk about my glorious ass. My partner Falon took, what I strongly believe, is the SEXIEST picture of my booty that has ever been taken. I feel that it’s important to start this off with a sexy selfie because it honestly makes me feel bangin’. So, that’s reason enough for me!



[Okay, technically, she took the picture on, like, August 27th but I’m sharing it here because I look fuckin’ hot.]

Speaking of hot pictures, I gotta give a shout out to a new friend and inspiring peer, Taylor J. Mace from Feisty Fox films, who was super cool and let me send them a bunch of my nudes and offered really great advice on how I could step up my sexy selfie game. Looking forward to playing with a lot of those tips and critiques over the next couple of weeks and seeing what comes out of it!

Thank you for reading and following all of my content, everyone! See you next month!

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