4 More Awesome Hardcore Furry Femboy Porn Comics

[CW: post contains sexually explicit art]

If you read and enjoyed my first post on femboy furry sex comics back in December, and you’ve been craving some more hella hot porn art featuring furry crossdressers, traps, sissies, and futas than this one is for you!

Once again, I’d like to reiterate to any and all self-identified crossdressers, femboys, sissies, traps, etc. out there: your experiences and motivations are valid. You are worthy and this blog will always be as safe and welcoming a place to you as it is for queer and trans folk as well.

If you are a reader who is unsure of any of the terms utilized there than I would like to encourage you to read my post A Case for Traps, Sissies, Femboys, and crossdressers.

Now, onto the porn! Just like last time, the comics below were chosen because they feature one or more super cute, and sexy, furry femboys as their leads. They also do not conflate femboys with trans people, nor do they use any transphobic terminology. Plus they are hot as FUCK, ya’ll. Just saying…



Friends With Benefits by Tokifuji

Read it right on Tokifuji’s Tumblr blog here: Part 1Part 2 Part 3.

This is actually the direct follow up to Some Things Never Change, shared in the last post on femboy furry comics.  While Sora and Jang are off banging each other in the V.I.P room of that cosplay/gaming store BK, Jang’s cute tiger femboy coworker, goes tot he security room where he ends up watching them on security cam. Clancy, the handsome store security guard, catches BK being a voyeur to the scene and joins in taking a look. Naturally, it doesn’t take long before some casual voyeurism, flirting, and BK suggestively eating a chocolate bar before it is straight into the sloppy cock sucking, cum drinking, butt fucking, and handjobs.

As a bonus, and teaser to the next comic, the story ends with BK dressed up as a SUPER cute, femboy Link from Legend of Zelda as Sora and Jang return to pine over him. YAY!

Be sure to also check out this 2-page one shot comic, Pet Treats, from Tokifuji featuring a cute femboy snake and bunny furry pleasuring their master.


Beta Behave by Tanksi

Read the whole comic in a two part Tumblr post: RIGHT HERE.

This one is actually a direct follow up to another comic called Alpha Knows Best. However, unlike it’s predecessor, Beta Behave features some hardcore crossdressing and feminization play. Novus comes home to find his partner Adrian exactly where he left him, tied to a bed dressed in slutty lingerie as punishment for ambushing him with collared sex the day before. With little hesitation, he heads to their dresser where he takes out some stockings and panties, puts them on Adrian, and then begins teasing him before taking him from behind while yanking on his leash.

So it’s not so much about femboys like the other comics BUT it’s a quick read and features some really hot crossdressing and bondage so, booya.

See more from Tanks on their FurAffinity page and Tumblr blog.



Critical Success by Roanoke (formerly “Ace”)

Read it the comic on Luscious comics: RIGHT HERE.

Another with ties from the last list, Critical Success features one of my biggest furry femboy crushes, Avery, who also starred in the hot group sex comic Table for Three. This time, he finds himself playing a tabletop game with  his buddy Terry. As Avery’s character in the game is confronted by some ooze furries he quickly uses his charisma ability to turn the game from high fantasy to a hardcore fantasy threesome complete with group sex, exhibitionism, spitroasting, rimming, shape-shifting genitalia, and a double-stuffed asshole.



Sexual Appetite by Tokifuji

Read it right here on Tokifuji’s Tumblr page: Part 1 Part 2.

Another really hot femboy comic from Tokifuji who, honestly, I feel kinda has this genre of furry porn cornered with outstanding art and incredibly attractive characters. Pretty simple plot here. Jay, the adorable blonde femboy kitty, and Dean have only ever fooled around with some “midnight gropefests” but Dean has a fun idea in mind that will take their … and it all starts with bacon wrapped cock.

Needless to say things escalate quickly to deepthroating, 69ing, ass eating, and a whole lotta cum swallowing (my fave!).

For a lot more of Tokifuji’s art, including hardcore photosets and other comic projects, check out their official Tumblr artists page.

Hope you enjoy them… a LOT. *wink* Treat yourself!

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Crossdressing Link in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Sexy and You Know It!

If you play video games and read about video games then it’s pretty likely that you’ve already heard about “Gerudolink” [or “Gerudo Link”] by now. For those not in the know, here’s the run-down: Link, the main hero from the Legend of Zelda game series, crossdresses as a Gerudo (a warrior woman) during the latest game in the series titled “Breath of the Wild”.

Completely unsurprisingly, “gamers” [aka, a bunch of triggered cis dudes], are losing their shit about it as streams of homophobic and transphobic trash comments are strewn all over social media and the comments sections of most articles.

But you know what, boys? Too fucking bad! It’s canon now. And Link looks hot as fuck dressed all fem and pretty.

Look at him.



Personally, I think that Link crossdressing in game is awesome because, well, crossdressing is valid! When it comes down to it I don’t care if you are cis or trans, hating on crossdressers makes you a fucking douche. Besides, if all adult men throwing their little hissy fits just calmed the fuck down and thought about it for more than 30-seconds they’d realize that *gasp* Link has ALWAYS been an effeminate, androgynous twink.

I mean you’re playing a game as a ridiculously pretty elf boy traveling the land of Hyrule with his vast collection of colorful skin tight tunics and floppy nightcaps; and whose entire dialogue is a series of cute high-pitched squeaks, squeals, yells, and groans. And if you ever thought otherwise then you know what, it’s way past time that your desperate denial bubble was popped. Link crossdressing is about as surprising to the rest of us as the 100th time Navi says “hey, listen!”.

Besides, what all the crying adult men losing their shit over Link getting all feminized for a quest aren’t getting is that it doesn’t mean that his identity has changed… it just means that he crossdressed for a fucking quest. Maybe it’s just that one time thing. Or, maybe after the big adventure is over he occasionally slips that costume back onto his slim, androgynous figure to wear around his house… then later masturbates in it while dirty talking his own reflection.


What I’m getting at here is that Link has always been pretty fucking queer, him crossdressing is fucking rad, he fucking rocks that outfit, and also, if you can’t tell the difference between crossdressers, traps, sissies, femboys, and transgender people then that’s your fucking problem and you can either get the fuck over it, look it up, or go fuck yourself.

Actually, you know what? Just go ahead and do all three.

All of that being said, Nintendo did include another character, named Vilia, who IS in fact trans… of course, they fucked that up on every conceivable level by misgendering her, having others refer to her as a man, and generally making her the punchline of a tired, uninspired joke.

In her piece for Past Magazine, Jennifer Unkle lays the whole thing out:

The first warning sign was a merchant hiding near Gerudo Town’s gates, determined to find “the man” who managed to sneak in undetected. Sure enough, “the man” was a svelte Gerudo woman perched on the roof of a nearby hotel who spoke with an exaggerated, husky tone. Link confirms Vilia’s identity by scrutinizing her body, and is then prompted to either exclaim she’s a man or compliment her beauty. The latter convinces Vilia to sell you a convincing outfit before the wind hits her veil, revealing her beard to a shocked Link.

So, that’s garbage.

Still, I find IMMENSE delight in the thought of cis gamer boys raging out about Link crossdressing all while squirming on their couch as they try to talk down the all-telling erection popping out of their sweat stained Sonic the Hedgehog boxers.

Oh, and by the way, if this upsets you, guess what? Furiosa being the real hero of Mad Max: Fury Road, all girl reboot of Ghostbusters, crossdressing Link… all of this is just the beginning. We’re coming for everything that you love, nerds, and there is nothing you can do about it because at the end of the day you are a dying breed and the future is queer as fuck.

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A Case for Traps, Sissies, Femboys, and Crossdressers

You know, as much as I recognize that trans people get a lot of shit, nothing frustrate me more than when trans folk blame each other, or traps, crossdressers, femboys, and sissies for the shitty behaviors of ignorant and abusive cis people.

I’ve heard it all over the years, and sadly continue to hear it regularly: “But crossdressers give us trans folk a bad name!”, “Traps make us look like we’re sexual deviants!”, “non-binary people are just confused and broken”, and blah blah blah…

It’s bullshit and it’s scapegoating. For some, it’s just easier to just say “well I’m not like THOSE people”. It’s easier to side with the majority and hopefully gain enough favor to see that your own needs are eventually met. Just look at Cailtyn Jenner… she’s got selling-out down to a fucking art.

And none of this is new. Minority groups do it all the time. The gay & lesbian community often threw trans people and bisexual folk under the bus too as they worked to prove their legitimacy and validity to the heterosexual majority. Essentially, if you’re not gay or straight, man or woman, even the greater LGBTQ community tends to find you a threat to their own existence in the eyes of society.  Therefore, you must be cast aside for “the greater good” of even your LGBT peers.

And to a point, I get it. We’re all trying to survive in a world that oftentimes irrationally hates and fears everything that isn’t white, cisgender, heterosexual, and male. But I’m not going to be the kind of person who undermines or denigrates other vulnerable groups by playing into the ignorance of the majority and pandering to oppressive systems or social mores. Personally, I find this inexcusable and have no intentions on scapegoating other queers, or kinky peeps, for my own sake, and I certainly have no intention on trying to live to the expectations of the cis or other binary trans folk in order to be accepted.

I’m a non-binary trans, queer as fuck, non-monogamous, exhibitionist slut with hairy tits and a girl cock who loves group sex, anal, pet play, masturbation, and cum eating. Get over it. I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like it.

And I DO NOT blame any other trans people, or femboys, sissies, crossdressers, or trap, for the threats, intimidation, or bullying I get. Nope, that’s shitty, ignorant cishets being shitty and ignorant.

Now, for those of you here to learn something, let’s go over some terms!


Trans: a broad term that generally describes somebody whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with the gender that they were assigned at birth.


Non-binary: also sometimes interchanged with “genderqueer”, is an extremely broad term for people whose gender identities are not exclusively masculine or feminine, man or women. This can include having a mix of gender identities, moving between gender identities, having a gender identity that exists outside of the binary[some times known as being of a “third gender“], or having no gender identity at all.


Cisgender: somebody whose sense of personal identity and gender remains consistent with the binary gender that they were assigned at birth.


Crossdresser: a person who dresses in the clothing and accessories socially attributed to another sex.


Sissy: [aka. Sissification, feminization] a BDSM practice during which the gender of a submissive cis dude is switched, either willingly or by [consensual] force, to that of a woman. This typically involves various degrees of crossdressing where the sub is instructed to wear heels, or a corset, or a skirt/mini-shorts, make-up, women’s lingerie, or even full costumes like a sexy maid outfit.


Femboy: a boy whose mannerisms, behaviors, and attire blur, or outright challenge, the lines of social expectations for masculinity and femininity.


Trap: often considered a derogatory word when directed at trans folk because it assumes that all trans people have a penis and being a fem person with a penis is undesirable or somehow a threat to the masculinity of cis dudes. The word has since been reclaimed in many circles to describe predominantly cis men who occasionally crossdresses and convincingly pass as cis women. Likewise, there are also plenty of trans people who have reclaimed the word for themselves and proudly identify as traps.


If you’re looking for tips, pics, and a sense of community you may find that on the Reddit forums for /r/FemBoys or /r/Traps. Both are NSFW. There are also a LOT of Tumblr blogs floating around, as well as assorted forums, groups, and Facebook pages all with varying types of experiences and people. I highly recommend making some basic google searches and doing some general browsing to find the right fit for you.

As for pornography, if you liked the two pieces of trap and sissy sex art featured in the post, I highly recommend that you treat yourself to more from InCase. At the very least, check out his Art Blog and Reddit forum at /r/Incase. For some incredibly hot sex comics featuring traps, crossdressers, sissies, and futas, you should definitely give Talking Dirty, Spicing Things Up, My Debut, and Hella Trap a read.

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