(NSFW) Crash Pad Series: Solo First Impression

Holy shit, guys! So, I’m super excited to announce that after reaching out to The Crash Pad Series, an adult entertainment site (porn!) that focuses on producing sexy videos featuring diverse queer performers, yesterday they provided me with a 1-month subscription to explore and review the site.


Needless to say, as soon as I got home I immediately logged in and started to look around. I will say that it’s a little overwhelming when you first get in there and see the MASSIVE library of 200+ episodes (in no particular order with all titles just being performer names), 16 films, and countless photographs. Knowing that Crash Pad employs a wide variety of gender diverse individuals, I knew that I wanted to see a video with performers who shared my own identity.

Crash Pad 02

As a genderqueer person myself, I sometimes struggle with feeling sexy and seeing myself as a sexual being. Mainstream blog sites simply do NOT have very much in the way of body positive, sex positive queer porn featuring people with bodies like mine. I was really excited at the prospect of seeing a little bit of me reflected in the porn I watch! So, I made it my goal for my first login to find a video featuring at least one genderqueer and/or non-binary performer.

Clicking on the main drop-down menu brought me to the “Stars” page, a giant grid of photos with names under them that I did not recognize. Again, I felt pretty lost at first so I just started clicking through them all. In some ways this is really cool because it encourages you to acquaint yourself with those who you will be watching in Crash Pad’s video.

But I’ll be honest… I was REALLY excited and hella horny and was just about to give up on my first login goal by going to find a random video when after scrolling up to the top of the page I saw the search bar above everyone’s profiles. On a whim, I decided to type in “genderqueer” and BOOM… 44 results!

Crash Pad 01.png

All of these attractive people proudly rocking they/them/their or ze/zir pronouns and openly talking about what sex acts and kinks really get them off.

Fucking. Awesome.

Ultimately, I ended up going with Episode 121 featuring Erin and Jules (BOTH of whom are genderqueer!!). Though I only made it about 14 minutes into the approximately 24 minute video before cumming, something pretty interesting happened afterward… I watched the rest of the video. So often when I watch porn while masturbating I basically turn off the clip right away and move onto other things. Cum and done, you know?

This time though, I found myself REALLY enjoying the video even after I had finished masturbating. It was fucking hot!

And that’s just my first hour with Crash Pad Series…

So, Nillin’s first impression = impressed. I’m really excited to check out all of the other site features, watch a bunch more episodes, and, on April 16, if all goes according to plan, sit in behind-the-scenes during a livestream from the set of Crash Pad’s next video.


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