Three Lessons I Learned When One of My Favorite Sex Workers Retired

I’m horrible with loss. It’s shitty and I suck at dealing with it.

So, when one of my absolute favorite clip sellers recently announced that they would be shutting down their Amateur Porn store, and planned to completely stop selling videos and pics altogether… that made me sad as fuck. Especially since one of their main reasons for doing so was because they weren’t make enough money doing it to justify the work they were putting in to it.

In fact, out of the literally hundreds of followers that they had consuming their posts across multiple social media platforms, only a handful were actively purchasing any of their content… and that’s super shitty tbh. I mean, hundreds of followers and very few sales to show for it? Fuck.

Here are three things that I’m personally taking away from this goodbye and applying to how I consume sex content going forward:


  1. The Understanding That Clip Selling & Camming is NOT as Easy as People Make it Out To Be

“Just sell some nudes!”, “Why don’t you start camming?”, “If you want easy money, get into sex work!” all are things that I have read/heard people say to those struggling with finances. There seems to be this bizarre misconception among folks that doing sex work, or selling amateur porn content, is this super simple thing that anybody can do super successfully whenever they want. 

But that’s not how it actually works.

Truth is that the market is incredibly inundated with clip sellers, cam workers, panty sellers, etc. and, thanks to tube sites peddling stolen clips and videos, the vast majority of sex workers and content creators do not see financial compensation for most of their work. Not only do the vast majority of people on the internet who seek out adult content generally do not want to pay for it- at all – but they generally believe that they are still somehow entitled to a constant stream of adult content for their own, individual sexual gratification.

I mean, who hasn’t heard countless people (be they friends or strangers) say shit like: “why would I pay for porn if I can watch it for free?”

In my younger years, I’ve even said it.

Here’s the thing, though: chances are that the “free” porn that you’ve looked at actually cost somebody else a whole lot of time, resources, and money of their own to make. And many of those individuals likely wonder if it’s even worth producing anything new when most of their supposed fans simply aren’t paying for it.

That random “hot chick masturbates on cam” video you watched the other night on some streaming site? Yeah, that was probably a cam worker’s private show which somebody recorded and uploaded without their permission. Boo.

Those super, high quality cosplay nudes you just looked at on Imagefap? Those were likely scooped from a model’s Patreon or off of a paysite they work for. So, yep, also super shitty.

Oh and about all of that those sex comics and erotic artwork sitting on “Rule 34” sites or image boards, guess what? That’s right, it’s all intellectual property taken from artist sites, often not properly attributed/cited, and sometimes even unethically profited from by these host sites through those annoying site ads and pop-ups you keep closing.

How the fuck is somebody supposed to make a living when not only are people not paying for content, but they are then getting gratification from that content when it is stolen and re-uploaded elsewhere?

Which leads to…


  1. It Is SUPER Important to Support Your Favorites by Actually Paying for Their Content

Are you following a bunch of clip sellers, cam workers, escorts, erotic artists, and models on Twitter, Tumblr, or some other social media platform? Cool, pay them for their work when you can.

Yes, seriously. Sitting there liking, re-tweeting, and following their presence, all while enjoying the occasional freebies they toss out there, isn’t “supporting” them. It’s freeloading.

And I’m not talking about somebody who legit cannot afford to pay for content right now. Eating, having clothes, and looking after your wellness is certainly more important than purchasing porn. What I’m talking about though are those who COULD afford to buy a clip this month, or some pics, but they spend it on other leisure activities instead, all while continue to enjoy sex worker’s advertisement nudes.

I mean, that’s kinda shitty, because once again it goes right back around to folks not wanting to pay sex workers for their work. It’s entitlement and disrespectful.

So, if you really, truly are a fan of somebody’s content, and you want them to keep making stuff, then how about instead of going to the movies this payday, maybe buy a few pics or a short video from them instead?

Once you do that…


  1. Gush About the Paid Content That You Love

Do you absolutely love the videos you bought from a specific clip seller? Are you ecstatic about a photo set you just purchased from your favorite model? Were you incredibly happy with custom content, or a private cam show, that you paid for from a sex worker recently?

THAT’S what you should be posting about! Let folks know just how happy you are with your purchase. Advocate that sex workers deserve to be paid for their work and that you feel that your money was well spent on their content. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends about how much you loved a clip, or photo gallery, and encourage them to buy it too.

And if they try to get you to share it with them for free, then tell them HELL no cause that’s fucking selfish and they should have more goddam respect for sex workers, creators, and artists. And if they say something shitty about sex workers after that then stop being friends with that person because they’re an asshole.

So, yeah, I’m pretty sour. I’m disappointed in myself for all the content I consumed for free over the years, when I could have paid, and I’m pissed at how our society rewards those who unethically consume porn while simultaneously disrespecting sex workers. And yeah, I’m pretty bummed that I’m never going to see new content from one of my favorite clip sellers in large part because of all that bullshit.

I’m going to do better, and I hope you folks will join me in buying more from the content creators you love too!

And to the NB porn faery moving on to other pursuits: this blogger/fan will miss you and your work an awful lot, but I wish you all of the best.


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