While I Watch; A Queer Erotica Quickie

Max moans, their hips gyrating in a steady pattern as they rub their clit firmly with their pointer and middle fingers. I can hear how wet they are from across the room where I sit in a red leather chair watching and teasing my girl cock through a soft pair of white cotton pajama shorts.

Rowan, a friend of ours who we met through roller derby, is hovering over Max, kissing them deeply. With one hand holding her up, she uses the other to pull up Max’s shirt exposing their enormous breasts.

My phone dings. I look down at it and see a message from Fynn, Rowan’s husband: “Those two still having fun?”

He wanted so badly to be here too but with it being harvest season he simply couldn’t get away from the farm. So, to keep him in the loop we all agreed to send pictures as things were happening. I toss him back a quick message then get up and walk toward the couch where Rowan is now passionately sucking on Max’s nipples while they pant heavily, one hand curled underneath their raised leg so that they can finger themselves as deeply as they can while continuing to stimulate their clit with the other hand.

I take a moment to frame the scene, making sure to get as many explicit details into one frame as I can, then take and send the photo to Fynn.

Suddenly, Max moans even louder than before and I know they are close. I quickly return to my chair and lay back to continue teasing my girl cock through my shorts, a very visible wet spot forming in the fabric from the pre-cum now freely flowing from the tip of my throbbing erection.

Max, now panting heavily arches their back in anticipation. Rowan grabs them by the back of the head and, with one hand roughly twisting their aroused nipple, she firmly exclaims: “Cum for me right fucking now, Max.”

With that, Max’s eyes close, their body tenses, and they grunt as they hold their breath in. Then, with a loud gasp, their body shakes and they fall into the couch cushions beneath them.

While Max takes a quick moment to collect themselves, Rowan’s eyes wander to the tent my throbbing girl cock is making in my shorts. She licks her lower lip ever so slightly, looks at Max then motions her head toward me.

“Maybe you should help them out.”

Max sits up beside Rowan then beckons me over to the couch. I get up, bounding over in just a few excited steps before siting down to Max’s left so that they are between Rowan and I.

Max slides their hand, still glistening with their own pussy juice, under my shorts then slowly starts stroking my shaft. After a moment, they pull my bottoms down, fully exposing me to our friend. I see a glint in Rowan’s eye as she watches Max start teasing the head of my girl cock between their soft, wet lips. I look beside me to see her sitting back, watching me moan and squirm as Max’s head bobs up and down in my lap. She smiles, playing with her nipples through her shirt while running her other hand playfully between her thighs.

I feel Max grab the base of my girl cock. They start jerking me harder as they take the rest of my pulsing erection to the back of their throat. Their tongue slides down my frenulum, a few streams of drool escape the vacuum they have around me and dribble over their fingers down onto my pubic mound and warm lady balls.

It’s the wettest sounding blowjob I’ve ever heard and knowing that Rowan is watching it all happen just a couple feet away makes it all the better. As if reading my mind, Rowan sits up a little and puts her hand softly on the back of my head.

“Now it’s your turn to cum for me. Fill their fucking mouth.”

And with that I do. I can feel my face go red, pleasure radiating out from my crotch and up through my stomach, then my spine. My scrotum contracting then releasing, vibrating in ecstasy as I pump stream after stream of warm cum into Max’s mouth.

Max coughs, sending it spraying out all over their hand and my lap. They try to recuperate, quickly resealing their lips around my girl cock and sucking up as much semen as they can. Rowan giggles and rubs Max compassionately on the back.

“You alright?”

Max sits up with their mouth full of my juices and smiles, accidentally letting some spill out. They quickly slurp it back up and then swallow the rest of my load before sighing happily.

“Oh yeah, I’m just fine.”


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