4 Reasons Why I Love Sharing Nudes With My Friends

CW: A picture of girl cock.

Friends are the fucking best! They lift you up when you’re feeling down, are always there when you need company, understand when you want to be left the fuck alone, often have front row seats to all of your ups and downs, and are the first to like your cute selfies. And if your friends are like mine, sometimes those cute selfies are pretty goddamn sexually explicit!

Yep, believe it or not, trading nudes with your friends can be an awesome thing to do, for a whole bunch of reasons! (And come on, you know you’re curious about what they look like naked too!) Here are 4 things that I dig about it:


1. It’s Great For Dysphoria and My Mental Health in General

My partner, Falon, already makes me feel really amazing and regularly helps me appreciate how sexy I am, however, it’s sometimes nice to hear it from others too. Can’t go wrong with a little extra validation, am I right?

Sometimes my mental health can be extra shitty. In those instances my dysphoria tends to get even worse and, in turn, I feel pretty fucking unattractive. Falon definitely helps me feel better, and encourages me to pursue self care so that I can get back to myself again, but depression brain has this tendency to make me feel like  they’re only saying nice things because they have to, cause we’re married and stuff.

In those instances, taking sexy selfies, or asking Falon to take some nice lewds of me to share with my friends frequently ends up being just the self-care that I need! Not only does taking the pictures end up being a lot of fun, but I also often get to see a friend’s naughty photos too, AND get compliments on my own. That extra confirmation of positive affirmations, and seeing my friends turned on by my body, is pretty fucking outstanding for my soul.


2. It Helps Me Improve My Own Lewd Selfie Game

I’ve never been the best at taking nudes that weren’t just a decently framed pic of my girl cock. I think a lot of the problem is residual from my closeted days when all I cared about was making my penis look as big and thick as possible.

I mean, sure, now a lot more effort goes into the pics I take of my girl cock than ever went into dick pics of old. I think about lighting, take a lot of teasing shots of my erection in cute panties, and generally work to feminize my penis in ways that make me feel good and sexy. But even still, there’s only so many frilly, fem photos of your own dick that you can take before it gets a little tired… I mean, it’s all dick.

That’s where my friends come in! I’m fortunate enough to know a lot of attractive folks, of all sorts of gender identities and body types, who are open to send/trade nudes with my partner pretty regularly. And holy fuck…  it has really helped me up my game too. Observe!


3. It Helps Me Educate My Friends on Queer and Trans Stuff

For a lot of my friends, I am the first non-binary queer that they’ve seen naked, and I don’t take that distinction lightly. More often than not, my nude shares come with at least a little education on the complexities of gender and the importance of sexual language in the bedroom.

Whether it’s a detailed explanation of what my gender identity means to me, or a mini-lesson on how to use gender neutral language to in sexy/kinky situations, or all the wonderfully queer names people have for their penis, I hope that those who I’ve sent lewds to have learned something. I hope that they see there are SO many ways for all bodies, be they coercively assigned female or male at birth, to express their sexuality in beautiful and arousing ways. I hope that I’ve made them think twice about how extreme a role that cisnormative and heteronormative gender roles and expectations play in the bedroom. I hope that maybe I have inspired one to challenge something in their sex life that hasn’t sat right with them, or to explore something they’ve maybe been too afraid to.

At the very least, I hope some of them have legit gotten off to my photos, and that they now understand that non-binary folks are valid and sexy as fuck too!


4. It Has Strengthened My Friendship With Many

I dunno about you but I personally find trading consensual nudes with my friends and peers actually strengthens those bonds for me. There’s something really powerful about sharing yourself so intimately with somebody. The friends who I have seen naked, and who have seen me naked, have actually become some of the closest people I’ve ever had in my life.

Also… sometimes more stuff happens, like you and your partner having a hot threesome with your best friend and it turns into regular group sex and cuddling while watching early 2000’s dance movies. Sometimes that happens… so… think about it!


Have you ever, or do you currently trade nudes with any of your friends? What do you enjoy about it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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