Mx Nillin Fucks… Themself! Part One

CW: this post contains sexually explicit images of girl cock

Whoa… time flies when you’re fucking apple pie, Jell-O, PB&J sandwiches, pool noodles, and teddy bears! Welcome to the sixth installment of Mx Nillin Fucks, officially bringing Year One of this series to a close in the most epic way that I could possibly have hoped to…

With me fucking myself with my own girl cock.

No, you didn’t misread that!

I’m legit fulfilling my dream fantasy of fucking my ass with an exact replica of my girl cock. This has been a goddamn obsession of mine for fucking years, y’all. I mean, ever since I heard that there were kits out there that let you clone your bits I’ve had full on feverish sex dreams about this. I’m talking REALLY explicit shit here, folks.

I remember this one dream when my future self came to the present to have sex with me for some fucking reason, I don’t know, and when they pulled out my girl cock I went down on myself like there was NO tomorrow. And then in this other dream, a sex robot took my penis and attached it to itself so that it could then rail me with it. You know, to feel human pleasure and shit. It might have even been Data cause I was watching a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation at the time.

It doesn’t have to make sense, okay!?

The important thing is that now it’s FINALLY happening (minus the robot and future self), all thanks to the fine folks at Clone-A-Willy who have agreed to sponsor this post be sending me a Hot Pink Silicone Penis Casting Kit, along with extra molding powder.

There’s a bit of a process to this though, so, for the first time ever in this series you’re getting a two-parter! Part One, right now, will consist of getting the kit prepped, talking about the process, and then me molding my girl cock.

Part Two, which will be posted early next week, will be comparison pics of my girl cock to the finished toy and the grand finale of actually trying my clone dick out.

But before we get started, please help me say thank you to Clone-A-Willy by liking them on Facebook, checking them out on Instagram @cloneawillykit, and/or following them on Twitter @cloneawilly!

Thanks, Clone-A-Willy! You’ve made this enby’s butt-stuff fantasies come true!


How Much Does it Cost to Fuck It?

That depends on whether your want a standard clone penis, vibrating clone penis (an add-on option for $10.95), a glow in the dark clone penis, or a clone of your penis AND balls. Prices range from $49.95 to $74.95 per kit, and $34.95 to $39.95 per silicone refill to make more clone penises. You know for, like, an army of clone penises.

There’s also a novelty option for $34.99 to make milk chocolate replicas of your genitals.


How Much Prep Will This Take?

Okay, so, let’s get real here for a minute: this shit takes a little time. I’m not just talking about time you have to wait for your mold to set and then your silicone clone dick to take shape, either.

I’m talking prep time.

For starters, and I gotta thank my friend D for the reminder on this one, be sure to trim your fucking pubes! Seriously. You do NOT want to have a full bush or shaft hairs going on when it’s time to pull your penis out of the mold after letting it it harden around your erection. Nope. Not today, Satan!

Take the time and do it, you’ll thank yourself later.

And don’t forget to trim your balls too! I forgot… and some of the mixed up molding material poured out of the tube all over my testicles and when that shit hardens in your lady sack hair… fuuuuuccccckkk.

Anyway, once the grooming is out of the way it’s time to do the ACTUAL preparation. After opening your kit, you’ll notice that the instructions state to read through them very carefully several times before getting started. I cannot stress how important this is!

While there aren’t a ton of steps, per say, they are incredibly time sensitive and if you are not absolutely sure of what you are doing then the chances you’ll fuck up are pretty heightened.

Take your fucking time and read it all, set out all the material you need (bowl, stir-sticks, measuring cup, thermometer, etc.), and either talk it out or go through it in your head a couple of times.

My first attempt was… stressful. Between obsessing about the timing of mixing the molding powder, working to maintain my erection, and getting it positioned properly in the tube, I didn’t get as erect as I wanted and only ended up with a, like, 3 inch chubby mold. Luckily, Clone-A-Willy sent me a backup molding powder mixture!

Attempt two, was WAY better.

Fucking boom, just look at that glorious girl cock!

Honestly, the 2nd attempt went so much better because I sat back, enjoyed myself, brought out my wand for some frenulum stimulation, and watched some queer porn while my partner Fal stood ready to mix the molding powder whenever I was ready. With a lot of the stress of doing it for the first time now gone, I was able to get a much larger and firmer erection, which I maintained even better thanks to using a cock ring, and got it a lot deeper into the the mold.

Heads up though: the actual sensation of the mold forming around your penis is fucking weird, y’all. It’s hard to describe, but there’s a lot of unexpected suctioning as it solidifies and when it’s time to pull yourself free there is a moment where the suction is so intense it legit feels like your fucking penis is stuck. I’m not kidding, I seriously thought “This is how I’m going to die. I’m going to lose my girl cock. And die. Great.”

But don’t panic! Take a deep breath, pull softly, let your penis get soft, and work it off of yourself carefully.

Unfortunately, my girl cock did touch the side of the tube as well and I didn’t notice in time, so, there will be that imperfection in the final product, but you know what? Fuck it, I think this is gonna turn out pretty fucking great.

Just from looking into the mold as is, I can already make out some really cool details of my girl cock. I’m seeing really cool details for my frenulum, glans, and some of the more signature veins on my shaft.

With the silicone now poured, we have approximately 24-hours to wait before I actually get to play with my new toy. Unless the kit I had contained their quick setting silicone, which would mean my girl cock clone will be ready in just an hour.

Either way, don’t miss the conclusion posting early next week!

UPDATE 03/07/2018:  “Mx Nillin Fucks… Themself! Part Two” is now live and available to read.


This post was sponsored by Clone-A-Willy, however, the writing, opinions, and foul language are 100% Mx Nillin.


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