Here Cums the Sun; A Queer Erotica Short

I sigh, opening my eyes yet again to the light red glow of the alarm clock sitting right next to me on Kate’s night stand, showing 3 A.M.

She lay behind me, with my other partner Max curled up on the other side of the bed. Sometimes I still find it surreal to be with Kate like this. She’d been our best friend for years and while Max and I certainly always found her attractive, and we cared about her a lot, we never would have thought she would be our partner someday.

Yet here the three of us were, lying in bed completely naked together after a great night out for drinks and karaoke.

I’m sure that I’m the only one awake until I feel Kate nuzzle her head into my back, right between my shoulder blades. She kisses me there, then lifts her head so it’s right next to mine.

A soft whisper pours into my ear.

“Can’t sleep either?”

I turn my head slightly to make sure she can hear me.

“Nope. Wide awake.”

She shifts her body closer. I feel her smooth, warm skin and perky breasts against me… and all I can think about is how erect her nipples are.

She teases her fingers along my arm then lays her hand flat, slowly caressing me down my side.

“Same. We should make out for a bit, see if it tires us out.”

I chuckle as I turn towards her and lay flat on my back.

Almost immediately, she begins rubbing my trimmed chest hair. Her finger quickly finding it’s way to circle my areola, knowing that it doesn’t take a lot to make my sensitive nipples rise.

My breath quivers and a pleasurable groan escapes me. Kate, never one to miss a moment like that, quietly laughs.

“I take that as a yes?”

I turn again, this time so I’m propped up on my elbow and facing her directly. All I can make out in the dark is her silhouette, but I’m so familiar with her form that I know exactly where to touch. I reach out, my arm wrapping around her waist, pulling her right against me again so that I can rub the small of her back.

“That’s definitely a yes,” I say.

Kate moans as she leans in to kiss me. Her lips are so goddamn supple and full. I feel her body come to rest in my embrace as she slides her smooth, wet tongue over mine.

My girl cock twitches in excitement between my hot thighs, each little pulse making it thicker and firmer. Kate’s hand reaches out and finds it immediately. Her breathing quickens as soon as she realizes how hard I am and begins teasing my frenulum with her fingers.

“God, I love feeling you throb in my hand”, she whispers.

I slide my hand between Kate’s legs, pushing gently through her soft pubic hair until I feel her warm, already wet pussy lips. She lifts her leg up so that I can tease my fingers between her labia more freely. I don’t waste the opportunity, taking my time to explore every part of her before slowly sliding my pointer inside her tight wet hole.

This elicits a deep, pleasurable moan as she begins grinding her clit against the palm of my hand while I curl my fingers to probe her deeper, brushing up against her g-spot. She pushes her head right against mine so that we are forehead to forehead and for a moment we both just lay there playing with each other, panting excitedly, quivering with each exhale.

Suddenly, she pushes her lips against mine, kissing me deeply once again while she tightens her grip on my rock hard girl cock and strokes me faster. I can feel myself edging closer to an orgasm with each firm jerk of her soft hand along my shaft, and I know that she is getting close too as she grabs my wrist with her free hand so that she can literally use my fingers and palm as a sex toy.

Just as we’re both about to cum, Max stirs awake behind Kate, no doubt because of our intense shuffling and groaning. Kate, still holding onto my girl cock, cranes her head to look over her shoulder just as Max places their hand on her bare side.

“Mmm, and what are you two doing?” they playfully ask before softly kissing Kate’s shoulder.

I let my finger slide out of Kate as she rolls on her back and Max catches the glimmer of my soaking wet hand in the moonlight, little strings of thin fluid webbing between the knuckles of my middle and pointer fingers. Max reaches out and grabs my hand, bringing it close to their face just above Kate so that she can see them lap up her juices. Once they are satisfied they lick their lips and happily moan.

“God you taste amazing.”

“Yeah?” Kate says as she laughs a little.

Max sits up more and leans right over her.

“Yeah, here. See for yourself.”

With that, they grab her by the back of the head and pull her in for a passionate kiss. I watch as the two caressing each other, Kate slowly leaning into Max so that she can climb on top of them.

“Now I want to taste you.” Kate says before she begins to slowly kiss Max’s neck, working her lips and hand down their body towards their tight blue boxers; which she promptly slides down their hips to exposure their pussy. Max looks over at me, glancing down at my girl cock dripping with pre-cum and opens their mouth, then motions with their head for me to come over to them.

I don’t hesitate.

Before I know it, I’m at their mouth. I hold my girl cock so that the head of it is just out of reach of their tongue. You’d never hear them admit it in the moment but they loved a little playful denial. So, I make sure to let them squirm a bit while taking a moment to appreciate the view of Kate with her face buried in Max’s pussy, loudly lapping her tongue over their clit. It was an especially exciting sight knowing that I was witnessing the first time Kate had ever given oral to somebody with a vulva.

Max, always impatient, doesn’t play my game for long. While I’m distracted they grab me by my waist and pull me to their mouth so that they can deep-throat my girl cock in one, smooth motion. They remind me immediately of just how fucking good they are at sucking cock as I literally feel their throat open up for me the deeper I go.

I can tell that they want to make me cum quickly because of how hard they are sucking me, their tongue pressed against the length of my shaft so that they’re stimulating as much of my girl cock as they can at all times. Within moments I can feel myself edging close to orgasm. Just as an “oh fuck” leaves my mouth, Kate pulls Max firmly to the end of the bed so that their lips slide off of my erection with a loud pop sound.

Once everyone gets a quick laugh out of their system Kate looks me dead in the eyes and points down at the middle of the bed.

“Lay down so we can both ride you.”

I do EXACTLY as I’m fucking told. Max spreads their legs over my crotch, teasing the head of my girl cock into their dripping wet pussy. Just as I feel myself slide inside of them, Kate giggles and grabs my chin to make me look up so that she can position herself on my face. I can feel myself actually salivating as I catch a glimpse of a single stream of pussy juice drips down her thigh. I reach up and firmly grab her ass, then spread her thighs wider. Kate moans, pushing her vulva firmly against my open mouth so that my tongue can explore inside of her.

I can’t see a thing. All I can hear is them both moaning and passionately kissing each other. All I can do is feel them both using my body for their pleasure… and mine. Kate loses herself in humping my face until her throbbing clit finds my tongue, causing her to stop so that I can focus all of my efforts right there. I clumsily reach for her thigh, then carefully slide my hand up over her hips, her smooth belly, her ribs, before finding her soft, perky breast.

Max grinds down on my girl cock hard, after a few moments I feel their hand slide between their pussy and my pubic mound so that they can stimulate their clit while they fuck me. I’m as deep in them as I possibly can be. The muscles of their pussy tighten and loosen around me with each grind down as the head of my slightly curved girl cock perfectly hits their G Spot.

Suddenly, I feel Kate shudder above me. She stops moving her hips and I know it’s because she’s close to orgasming, so, despite how sore my tongue is I keep up pace, hungry to taste her cum.

Max, meanwhile, starts moving their hips even faster. They squeeze their thighs tightly on either side of me and I know that they are close to orgasming too.

Kate tenses up and falls forward slightly, her hands landing on my chest as I feel her clit throb against my tongue, the taste her cum pouring into my open mouth. Max groans loudly, their body shaking as they squirt all over my pubic mound and thighs. Then, as if perfectly on cue, I feel waves of pleasure flow trough my body as I ejaculate stream after stream of hot, thick cum inside of Max’s pussy.

Falling back into a snuggle pile, Kate lays her head on the right side of my chest while Max lays theirs on the right. They both fall fast asleep. Just as my eyes begin to close, I catch a glimpse of the light red glow of the alarm clock sitting right next to me on Kate’s night stand, showing 3:43 A.M.


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