Mx Nillin’s Monthly Refap: July 2017

[CW: image at the end shows NSFW image of a cute enby babe cover in their own semen]

It has been so fucking hot out y’all. Like, the vast majority of the last month in Saskatchewan has actually seen near historic highs of 35-40 degrees Celsius on average and where I live we experienced literally the hottest and driest July ever on record.

Yet despite this, I actually managed to ramp up productivity during the latter half of the month!


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Backyard Nudes, Buying Porn From Friends, A Taste for Erotica, and Fem Beards.

  • As part of the erotica chapter I wrote this month my partner took some fun lewd pics of me in our car parked out back of the place we rent. It was hot and sweaty out, and taking those pics in the early evening while neighbors went about yard work on the other side of fences was SUPER exciting. 
  • Speaking of erotica: I’m kinda hooked now! So, not only is chapter 2 of the prairie queers story in the works, but I’m also writing a story inspired by sex talk with and fantasies about a friend. Know what the best part about it is? She knows that I’m writing it, has consented to being involved in the piece, is excited to read it, and she even picked her character’s name! 
  • Earlier in the month my partner and I bought porn from good friends of ours who sell clips on Amateur Porn. We’ve been pretty close with them for a while and watching a hardcore sex video of them was seriously hot af. Keep an eye out for a post on more feels about that later!
  • I’ve purposely been trying to shave less often lately. For two reasons, really: 1. I’m fucking cute af and I’m tired of my facial hair making me feel less attractive, and, 2. I fucking hate shaving. So, I’m kinda all about finding where I feel best with stubble going on. Test selfies incoming to Twitter over the next couple of weeks!


More Cool Stuff

Taylor J. Mace at Feisty Fox Films always publishes outstanding content but the posts they were putting out last month REALLY got me in the feels. Specifically their pieces The Blogsquad, Making Conferences More Welcoming, and having crushes on your friends were hands down some of my favorite summer reads.  

One of my all-time favorite sex comics online is Alfie from InCase and I hadn’t really read it much this year so last week I caught up on, like, two Chapters and holy shit hot damn… if you haven’t read it before then you should seriously get the fuck on that. Here’s where it all begins: Chapter 1.

All my sex blogger friends are heading off to the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit and I am feeling simultaneously fucking stoked for them, and also sad that I’m not there. Please, everyone, have the best time and take all of the pictures!

I’m kinda all about this lewd Winnie the Pooh art right now.

Also, these Nintendo babes in cat keyhole bras & bikinis.


Sexy Selfie of the Month

Throwback lewd to that time I came all over my own face and dress then took cute facial selfies.

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A Case for Traps, Sissies, Femboys, and Crossdressers

You know, as much as I recognize that trans people get a lot of shit, nothing frustrate me more than when trans folk blame each other, or traps, crossdressers, femboys, and sissies for the shitty behaviors of ignorant and abusive cis people.

I’ve heard it all over the years, and sadly continue to hear it regularly: “But crossdressers give us trans folk a bad name!”, “Traps make us look like we’re sexual deviants!”, “non-binary people are just confused and broken”, and blah blah blah…

It’s bullshit and it’s scapegoating. For some, it’s just easier to just say “well I’m not like THOSE people”. It’s easier to side with the majority and hopefully gain enough favor to see that your own needs are eventually met. Just look at Cailtyn Jenner… she’s got selling-out down to a fucking art.

And none of this is new. Minority groups do it all the time. The gay & lesbian community often threw trans people and bisexual folk under the bus too as they worked to prove their legitimacy and validity to the heterosexual majority. Essentially, if you’re not gay or straight, man or woman, even the greater LGBTQ community tends to find you a threat to their own existence in the eyes of society.  Therefore, you must be cast aside for “the greater good” of even your LGBT peers.

And to a point, I get it. We’re all trying to survive in a world that oftentimes irrationally hates and fears everything that isn’t white, cisgender, heterosexual, and male. But I’m not going to be the kind of person who undermines or denigrates other vulnerable groups by playing into the ignorance of the majority and pandering to oppressive systems or social mores. Personally, I find this inexcusable and have no intentions on scapegoating other queers, or kinky peeps, for my own sake, and I certainly have no intention on trying to live to the expectations of the cis or other binary trans folk in order to be accepted.

I’m a non-binary trans, queer as fuck, non-monogamous, exhibitionist slut with hairy tits and a girl cock who loves group sex, anal, pet play, masturbation, and cum eating. Get over it. I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like it.

And I DO NOT blame any other trans people, or femboys, sissies, crossdressers, or trap, for the threats, intimidation, or bullying I get. Nope, that’s shitty, ignorant cishets being shitty and ignorant.

Now, for those of you here to learn something, let’s go over some terms!


Trans: a broad term that generally describes somebody whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with the gender that they were assigned at birth.


Non-binary: also sometimes interchanged with “genderqueer”, is an extremely broad term for people whose gender identities are not exclusively masculine or feminine, man or women. This can include having a mix of gender identities, moving between gender identities, having a gender identity that exists outside of the binary[some times known as being of a “third gender“], or having no gender identity at all.


Cisgender: somebody whose sense of personal identity and gender remains consistent with the binary gender that they were assigned at birth.


Crossdresser: a person who dresses in the clothing and accessories socially attributed to another sex.


Sissy: [aka. Sissification, feminization] a BDSM practice during which the gender of a submissive cis dude is switched, either willingly or by [consensual] force, to that of a woman. This typically involves various degrees of crossdressing where the sub is instructed to wear heels, or a corset, or a skirt/mini-shorts, make-up, women’s lingerie, or even full costumes like a sexy maid outfit.


Femboy: a boy whose mannerisms, behaviors, and attire blur, or outright challenge, the lines of social expectations for masculinity and femininity.


Trap: often considered a derogatory word when directed at trans folk because it assumes that all trans people have a penis and being a fem person with a penis is undesirable or somehow a threat to the masculinity of cis dudes. The word has since been reclaimed in many circles to describe predominantly cis men who occasionally crossdresses and convincingly pass as cis women. Likewise, there are also plenty of trans people who have reclaimed the word for themselves and proudly identify as traps.


If you’re looking for tips, pics, and a sense of community you may find that on the Reddit forums for /r/FemBoys or /r/Traps. Both are NSFW. There are also a LOT of Tumblr blogs floating around, as well as assorted forums, groups, and Facebook pages all with varying types of experiences and people. I highly recommend making some basic google searches and doing some general browsing to find the right fit for you.

As for pornography, if you liked the two pieces of trap and sissy sex art featured in the post, I highly recommend that you treat yourself to more from InCase. At the very least, check out his Art Blog and Reddit forum at /r/Incase. For some incredibly hot sex comics featuring traps, crossdressers, sissies, and futas, you should definitely give Talking Dirty, Spicing Things Up, My Debut, and Hella Trap a read.

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Spice Things Up With This Lewd Sex Comic from InCase

So, I had a whole bunch of posts planned for this month but, life happens and they all had to be put off for the time being. However, just because the last few weeks have been quiet here that doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping busy participating in the #SexEdPornReviews feature through Crash Pad Series, producing content for my internship with the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, and reading a LOT of really explicit sex comics online.

Speaking of which, if you know me, or have at least read my previous post “3 Incredibly Hot Webcomics Worth Reading“, then you’ll know that I am a HUGE fan of the extremely hardcore work from InCase. Seriously, from his main series “Alfie” to short projects he publishes on Prismblush (you HAVE to read “My Debut”), nothing compares.

So, while some of the language used surrounding gender diversity personally rubs me the wrong way at times, I just can’t stop reading. It’s just so damn hot and I have literally never read anything from him that hasn’t gotten me off at least once by now.

Take “Spicing Things Up” [<– click link for the full comic] for example…


Previously only accessible to people who pledged at least $1 to InCase’s BiPatreon account, the 8-page short was made available to everyone for free this past August 10th, 2016.

It’s Friday, the weekend is ahead, and that means it’s prime time for reading quality smut! And this short read is QUALITY smut.

Once you’re done, here are some more of my personal faves from InCase that I highly recommend checking out:

The Good Ol’ Times [hardcore sex comic with hot gangbangs!]

Xenobioloy [hardcore sex comic with hot alien babes!]

A Devilish Deal [hardcore sex comic with hot queer demons!]



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